NIELSENS BOOK DATA memo re Checkpoint Press Dirty Tricks about Diggory Press

This post was made by Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd on the Books and Tales forum in May 2007. (The memo was first sent to Nielsens on the 4th May 2007, and later that same evening, Diggory Press posted the memo onto the books and tales forum at this link.)


F.A.O: Julian Sowa, Edwin Pillans, Peter Mathews

There have been some false, very damaging claims made regarding Diggory Press and its imprints that have been published on the internet.  These form part of a malicious trade libel made by another publisher, Checkpoint Press (Ireland) against Diggory Press Ltd. The claims bring into question the use and misuse of ISBN numbers by Diggory Press Ltd and its imprints, and it should be asserted if any member of the public queries whether there is any truth to these claims, that they are categorically told that there is NO evidence of Diggory Press impropriety in any of their dealings with Nielsens, that the claims made by Checkpoint Press are obviously untrue (being impossibilities) and these claims should be viewed as utter foolishness and a concocted pack of lies made in a vicious attempt to discredit a reputable and successful publisher, Diggory Press.

Briefly, Checkpoint’s outlandish claim is that Diggory Press Ltd* have claimed to be the publisher of the title*, ISBN 0955150337 under its imprint Exposure Publishing, (1) having somehow fraudulently altered Nielsens Bookdata to make this happen. (2) Checkpoint further claim that Diggory Press have therefore ‘stolen’ another publisher’s ISBN (3), are breeching copyright regulations as a consequence, and Checkpoint go on to claim that Diggory Press make ‘secret editions’ of books (4) without authors’ knowledge by listing them with multiple ISBN numbers (5) in order to make un-audited ‘secret’ sales (6). Checkpoint then have the audacity to claim that Diggory Press have been under investigation by Nielsens and Bowkers on   both sides of the water for some time for these and other ISBN abuses! (7).


* ‘The Title’ – The Color of Truth, by — Manning, ISBN 0955150337, published by Checkpoint Press, Ireland, April 2006

* ‘Diggory Press Ltd’ (includes Diggory Press and its imprints Exposure Publishing, Meadow Books and Kingdom Come Publishing) and for the sake of this memo, any of its staff or agents acting in any capacity.

Diggory Press have never claimed to be the publisher of the title.

Diggory Press Ltd have never claimed to be the publisher of this title, or any of Mr Manning’s/Checkpoint Press’s other titles. Nor have Diggory Press Ltd ever instructed or informed any of its agents to claim with Nielsens that any title belonging to Checkpoint Press’s is theirs.  Nielsen’s can back this up with data evidence.

To the best of Nielsens ‘ knowledge, Diggory Press Ltd and/or its imprints have never claimed to be the publisher of the tile to any party other than Nielsens.

It can be verified that Diggory Press’s name or details do not appear anywhere inside or outside the book in question.

Diggory Press’s only involvement in the title was in its pre-publication work (e.g. formatting and cover design) and then in the printing and the global distribution of the title with Checkpoint’s full knowledge and authority (written evidence is available confirming this).

It should be remembered (but stated for the public as the public may not realise the ludicrousness of the charge) that Diggory Press could never have claimed the title is theirs anyway, even if they wanted to, because the title ISBN is uniquely assigned to Checkpoint and cannot be moved or re-assigned to another publisher in any shape or form.

To the best of Nielsen’s knowledge, Diggory Press Ltd and/or its imprints have never claimed to be the publisher of any books belonging to any other publishers, neither has any complaint been received to date that they have attempted to do so.

Diggory Press have never contacted Nielsens about the title, let alone ‘done’ anything untoward with it.

Up until May 4th 2007, Diggory Press Ltd  have never contacted Nielsens Book Data regarding ISBN 0955150337 in any shape or form –  by letter, email, web, phone, fax or otherwise, and Nielsen’s can back this up with data evidence.  Diggory Press Ltd only contacted Nielsens on the 4th May to inform them of the serious trade libel and defamation campaign currently being carried out by ‘Checkpoint Press’ a.k.a. ‘— Manning PhD’ against Diggory Press and its staff. Diggory Press Ltd informed Nielsens specifically of the inaccurate claims re: Diggory Press’s actions with Nielsen’s being made.

Diggory Press could not steal another publisher’s ISBN.

The obvious should be stated for any member of the public that does not already realise – i.e. that it is impossible for another publisher to steal another publisher’s ISBN, as has been falsely claimed by Checkpoint, as an ISBN is uniquely linked to a specific publisher and cannot be moved publisher to publisher. Furthermore any data listed against 0955150337 with Nielsens would have had to come from Checkpoint  themselves – Diggory Press could not have, even if they wanted to, alter any essential ISBN data without Nielsen’s receiving Checkpoint’s direct authority. (It would also not make commercial sense, or any other sense, for a publisher to use another publisher’s ISBN, even if they technically could do, as far more sales could be made by the publisher using its own legitimate ISBN number.)

4.   It is an impossibility for Diggory Press to make ‘secret’ editions using ‘secret ISBNs’.

ISBNs are matters of public record. Therefore it is impossible for a publisher to make ‘secret sales’ on ‘secret ISBNs’ to the book trade as has been claimed by Manning.

To the best of Nielsen’s knowledge, Diggory Press Ltd and/or its imprints have never attempted to make secret editions of any title. All Diggory Press’s titles are of public record. Diggory Press regularly and openly list their titles with Nielsens and Bowkers and The British Library, ensuring the highest degree of data accuracy, and Diggory Press have never made an edition of the specific title in question under its name or imprint, secretly or otherwise.

5. There is NO evidence of multiple edition abuses.

In the few and far between circumstances where revised second editions of titles have been brought out in the past, Diggory Press have listed this information 100% accurately with Nielsens, taking the time to cross-link the 2nd edition to the first edition. Diggory Press have also followed the rules in bringing out a new title with a new ISBN where the page count or trim size differed to the first edition.

6. Sales are audited thoroughly.

It should, of course, be pointed out that all sales made to the book-trade through recognised national distributors (as Diggory Press operate) are fully out in the open and audited by several channels. Proof of any impropriety in terms of misreporting any book-sales would be very easy to come by and so falsely reporting sales figures is something that no reputable publisher like Diggory Press would dare risk. No evidence has come to light to date regarding any sales misreporting either.

7. Diggory Press have NOT committed any ISBN abuses

There is no evidence of Diggory Press Ltd and/or its imprints committing any impropriety with regard to ISBN 0955150337 or any other ISBN number.  Diggory Press and its imprints have never committed any ISBN irregularities to Nielsens’ knowledge. They have always followed the rules and listed data accurately.

Diggory Press are NOT under investigation of any sort. Diggory Press and its imprints are NOT now, and have never been, ‘under investigation for ISBN irregularities’. Nielsens are NOT in discussions with Bowkers about Diggory Press’s supposed impropriety. (They would not anyway, Bowkers being a rival!) Nielsens are NOT thinking of withdrawing future ISBN allocations from Diggory Press.

The only complaint that Nielsen has ever received about Diggory Press has been the completely groundless one received from Checkpoint Press.  Checkpoint Press has never been told that Diggory Press is under ‘investigation for some time’ by Nielsens, unless — Manning counts his own (groundless) complaint to mean this matter is ‘under investigation.’ Anyone inquiring or indeed making such an allegation to Nielsens would have been told there is no truth to this rumor or any of the others, as well as also being told how the ISBN system works (if they did not already know!). The fact that — Manning continues to assert information he knows to be untrue in his internet complaint indicates the lack of integrity of the owner of Checkpoint Press.

The only ‘abuses’ in this case have been by Checkpoint.

Checkpoint Press, they owner of this ISBN, did not properly register the title with Nielsens upon publication – it was only officially recorded with Nielsens months after its publication when Checkpoint Press cancelled the title! If amazon did ever list Diggory Press or its imprints as the publisher it was only in the absence of any other information due to Checkpoint’s incompetence at listing the title on both sides of the Atlantic – which cannot be blamed on Diggory Press, as Diggory Press as the title’s distributors were the only link in the incomplete chain that amazon had.

It seems that Checkpoint Press have done nothing right in this circumstance, choosing to grievously libel instead a publishing rival, who does do everything right with Nielsens. In addition to not listing data correctly at Nielsens, Checkpoint have not fulfilled their publisher obligations in sending out the 6 statuary copies to the British Libraries under the legal deposit scheme either.

Note to Staff

If Mr Manning of Checkpoint Press phones, strictly do not give him any phone time – refer everything to letter instead. He takes up a lot of phone time, and although initially charming, it should be noted that there is a pattern of numerous and nuisance telephone calls to the previous printers and publishers he has had contact with – so much so, they have all had to completely cut off all phone contact with him. His lack of integrity, maliciousness, and/or possible lack of grip on reality should also be remembered for any staff member dealing with him.”


People can verify the truth of these statements by phoning the ISBN agency direct and asking them direct – instead of taking Manning’s words as ‘gospel truth’!


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