Diggory Press Published Color of Truth under their own Exposure Publishing imprint – or did they?

Oh really, Mr. Manning? This is the book’s title page, evidence from paperwork for court at an open case hearing so thus available to the public domain, (and also usage of it would fall within ‘fair use’ rules anyway as it’s for non profit news reporting, education, critique and review): do you see any mention of ‘Diggory Press’, ‘Exposure Publishing’,’ Meadow Books ‘or ‘Rosalind Franklin’ anywhere on it?  It is only Checkpoint Press’s details which is how it should be, and how the evidence show it always was, and how STM knew it always was too.

And then we have the cover image …. whose logo is it on the rear cover and on the spine? Whose isbn is on the barcode. Checkpoint Press you say? EXACTLY! Yet bizarrely Mr Manning claims this was ‘illegally’ published by Exposure Publishing publishing it under their own imprint. I don’t think so. And the evidence doesn’t think so either.


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