Diggory Press Bills For Work Not Done – Oh Really? The Proof Of Manning’s Book Revision

Manning has claimed that Diggory Press overcharges people and don’t do what they claim, citing his own experience of a book revision he said he paid them for and says was never done.

Regarding the book revision that Manning said he paid for and says was never done on his behalf – guess, what? Yep, more lies! The evidence shows it was done in August 2006 just as Rosalind Franklin at Diggory Press Ltd had said it was. And the money for this and some other work is still owed to RF and so wasn’t paid for! MORE MANNING LIES BUSTED!

This screenshot evidence from court-related paperwork (with some private details whited out) is the log from the Diggory Press publisher’s account at Lightning Source printers, showing that Rosalind Franklin for Diggory Press Ltd did indeed upload a revision to his book on their systems on his behalf exactly when she said she did – the 18th August 2006. (STM still hasn’t paid DP for it.)

Worse still Manning, even knowing this, even knowing he hadn’t paid for all the work, and even having seen this evidence presented from another witness to the court, continued to lie and perjure himself under oath (a criminal offence) by saying Rosalind/Diggory Press had not done it!

Of course, STM’s known all along that DP did do the work billed (and undercharged him too for lots of other work), and he’s known all along he never paid DP for all this work.

But that’s just part of his extortion racket tactics – smear, lie, harass, smear, lie, harass – commit some criminal offences along the way – hoping poor DP and Rosalind will cave in under the relentless pressure and give into his “demands”, while all the time vindictively punishing her and “teaching” her a lesson for not giving into him before. She’s still standing her ground against him though, and needs your prayers that justice is done and Manning is jailed for his numerous crimes against her.

Rosalind Franklin allegedly is not his first victim, and is allegedly also not his last victim. But it has got particularly vicious in this case, in that RF is a professing Christian and so there’s been a lot of religious harassment and hatred too from Manning added in for ‘good’ measure. (Manning has had a long term connection with the Moonies). Whatever his motives, we have had other worried and frightened people contact us also claiming similar methods that Manning has allegedly utilised in order to intimidate, bully, harass and to extort money from them too. (Just where does he get the time?)


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