Continued threats from Stephen T Manning, bully, liar, perjurer and attempted extortionist

The IP address on this comment from Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Achill Island, has been edited for “privacy’ reasons, but needless to say it is Manning publicly threatening and intimidating Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd – once again.

And Stephen T Manning is threatening all his other victims, and even the supporters of these victims; people whose only ‘crime’ has been to dare to stand against Manning, a proven corrupted liar, perjurer, bully, harasser and extortionist by telling their own side of events.

Even those taking a neutral stance have been attacked and smeared with more lies – those who have even ‘dared’ to question the dubious “doctor phd” and “reverend’ on his fishy, contradictory and very defamatory stories about Diggory Press, Rosalind Franklin, Kingdom Come Publishing, Deborah G Hunter, PageFree Publishing, Kim and Gary Blagg, and Miriam Franklin at endtimespropheticwords etc and ask for actual evidence for any of his allegations about any of these parties (and the others).

Even the place which provided a place for the victims to speak when they were being censored elsewhere is now being threatened and harassed by Manning – as per this recent comment he left here (the IP address has been censored for privacy reasons):

This is very strange indeed when it is coming from someone who demands freedom of speech to spread his own lies, and who abuses internet forums, blogs and boards and websites and the email system – and the small claims court system – with his spamming lies and bullying, harassing comments to try and intimidate at least one of his victims (we know about) to pay him off so he will stop lying about them and harassing and will go away and leave them alone. But when people at last stand up to him, when they won’t pay him off as he demands, and when they don’t lie and they don’t just rely on their word against his but provide the actual evidence he has lied again and again, Manning can’t stand it. He’s exposed for what he is. A liar and a criminal.

(Yes, a criminal, because he has committed criminal offences, including perjury under oath and attempt to and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. And when one of his co-conspirators, Simpson, admitted under oath in a court of law recently to forging damning documents against Diggory Press Ltd – and she only admitted it because she was caught in the act and was cornered – she brazenly dared to say: ‘Yes but …. I don’t think that’s relevant’. So Manning has lied about what really went on at the small claims court hearing in November, surprise, surprise.)

Stephen T Manning cannot stand the truth about him finally being told. Manning went straight to the host of this site and tried to get it pulled down citing ‘privacy’ reasons. Only because of our using his full NAME in posts about him (strange too when he has left comments here using his full name!) This is also particularly rich when it comes from the man who spams his name repeatedly all over the net and loves being in the limelight, as long as it is only his monotones diatribe telling his own many contradictory concocted versions of events.

I encourage the web community to stand up against this man – he has got away with his crimes for far too long already, and has left far too many victims in the wake of his trail.



  1. awwwshutup! said

    As my old grandpappy used to say, the hurt dawg hollers the LOUDEST!

    You’re hollerin’ all over the web bout useless trash and yappin’ yore jaws just like my ex.

    Lady, it’s time you shut up cuz no one is lookin’ hert but YOU!

  2. Inquistitor said

    Glad to see this is back up again. But sad to see that this war of attrition is continuing. ..some people just don’t know when to give up. This is loose / loose for both sides, much as I support the principle of returning the favour to him.

    Stephen Manning of checkpoint sees it as his right to have a ” rougue’s gallery ” slating his competitors and even the institution that sold him his dodgy phd, so really this is just reaping what he has sowed.

    Hopefully he will put his money where his mouth is here, if he has the means and the conviction and get a court order to remove this blog, that is if if the courts can be convinced. It will be difficult for him to argue any right to privacy when he is himself a cyber stalker .

    Over the last year I have noted a subtle change in how he appears to be received by others when barging onto forums with his predictable off topic postings, even those who previously supported him are distancing themselves from him.

    Any legal disputes between the two of them should be dealt with by the courts alone, this protracted internet personal vendetta by stm against rmf is just showing him up as what he really is…

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