Stephen T Manning and his Checkpoint Press’s Theft Of Diggory Press Book Cover

It is extremely ironic (given the circumstances) that Stephen T Manning and his Checkpoint Press have accused Diggory Press – without any proof – of theft and copyright abuse, when it is Checkpoint Press and its corrupt owner, Stephen T Manning, that is the real thief and copyright abuser.

The following facts are from court paperwork on file in relation to some book cover artwork stolen from Diggory Press Ltd and used illegally by Stephen T Manning. Manning and Checkpoint Ireland is well aware who this cover really belongs to (Diggory Press), yet despite that he brazenly continues to publish and distribute the book. And Lightning Source printers are also aware of Manning’s theft, as well as his dirty tricks against Diggory Press over the years, yet continue to work for Manning and print and distribute this rogue book too. Shame on them also!

(These images have been edited slightly – private information whited out – before going onto this site.)

First image – screenshot from Lightning Source printers showing the original edition of Hash House set up on their systems for Diggory Press in March 2007. Note the front cover artwork. The artist can also testify who she created the artwork for and when she did it.

The book cover created by Diggory Press in 2007 – their property

Second image. Screenshot as per Checkpoint Press’s website of the edition as published by Manning for Checkpoint in September 2008. (You can also view the same book on amazon at this link and verify it is the same front cover)

The Checkpoint Press edition using stolen artwork

This is illegal copyright theft. And unlike Manning, Diggory Press have PROOF for their claims.

Written by Sleuth for Truth, June 15 2009


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