Stephen T Manning broke HIS SIDE of the contract with Diggory Press

This information is based on allegations submitted in court documents submitted on June 15 2009.

It is extremely ironic that Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press alleges that Diggory Press broke the terms of the contract between them, when it’s alleged that the facts show the opposite is true – namely, Stephen T Manning broke his contract with Diggory Press.

And Stephen T Manning had allegedly done so from the very start of his working with Diggory. Let’s have a look at why it is thought so:-

The contract between Manning and Diggory Press stated, among other things, that –

“The Author warrants that the work does not contain libel or defamation, falsified information or private information the author has no right to make public, is not harassing, and does not invade any individual’s right of privacy or publicity.

The Author warrants that The Book does not break the law or facilitate the breaking of the law, does not violate any copyright or other intellectual property right; does not contain material that is obscene, pornographic, inflammatory, or racially or otherwise objectionable and does not harm minors in any way.

To the best of The Author’s knowledge, all purported factual information in The Book is true and accurate, and the following of any advice in The Book will not be harmful to any user.”

So Stephen T Manning warranted to Diggory Press that his book’s ‘factual’ information was true and accurate, did not contain falsified information, and that it did not break the law. Yet as shown in the article Manning’s Checkpoint Press fraudulent books defrauding the book buying public? his book did break the law in some places where it was put on sale and contained false information as to his credentials.

– This article was written by SleuthforTruth, June 17 2009


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