Stephen T Manning’s Lies To Court re. Service of Documents

The following article is based on court documents on file.

Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Achill Island, Ireland, in seeking to get Diggory Press Ltd’s court counterclaim against him thrown out, lied to the courts (that is he attempted to pervert the course of justice), and sought to mislead the court by claiming that Diggory Press had not served certain court papers on him in time.

These said papers needed to be served on him (that is arrive) by the 28th April 2009. Manning claimed DP had not done it and lied to the judge about it. The soonest these documents could possibly have been deemed served was out of time on the 29/04/2009, Manning insisted, in seeking to get the counterclaim struck out.

It’s just as well that Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd had irrefutable evidence that these papers sent by recorded delivery had arrived on time, as per the screenshot below from the Royal Mail website, submitted in response to Manning’s concocted claim. (You can click on the image to enlarge it).

This article was written by Sleuth for Truth, May 29th 2009


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  1. Amazed said

    The court had all this evidence of Dr Evil, I mean Dr Manning’s lies like this one, and they knew about the fraudulent claims entered by him using false names, yet they allowed him to continue to harass poor Rosalind Franklin and her company through the court system anyway? Wow. Just as well I left British soil years ago, I can’t stand this mockery of justice! The law is a total ass!

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