Mary Ann Simpson caught falsifying documents against Diggory Press Ltd – the actual court transcript

This is part of an actual authorised transcript of the Diggory Press court case proceedings in November 2009.

(Mary Ann Simpson was one of Stephen T Manning’s co-conspirators and had entered a false claim of her own against Diggory Press. Mary Ann Simpson had been caught out falsifying documentary evidence against Diggory Press, and was cornered with irrefutable evidence from an important witness, Bill Wiggin MP, that she had done this.

Here, Mary Ann Simpson of Horley, Surrey, admits under oath to falsifying the documents in question. However Mary Ann Simpson dares to brazenly state to the court she does not think her fraud in this instance ‘relevant’!)


“ROSALIND FRANKLIN (TO JUDGE):  Mrs Simpson forged a letter allegedly [sent] to Bill Wiggin, MP, she forged a letter and she has entered false evidenceand we have got proof that what she has entered in her evidence bundle as what she actually sent to Bill Wiggin is not what was actually sent to Bill Wiggin, because we have the original and we have the proof, which is signed and annotated by [him].

… [it] in black and white … proves forgery and fraud … One of the testimonials on our website is given from a Bill Wiggin who is a Conservative MP, and a number of people coached by Mr Manning approached Bill Wiggin and, you know, told various lies to him etc about us.  In Mrs Simpson’s evidence bundle is one of the letters that Mrs Simpson says that she sent to Bill Wiggin. She has actually concocted this after the fact because we have actually got proof and she probably did not know this. Bill Wiggin had actually sent us the original letter that she had sent him and the two are very different. So she has obviously concocted it after the fact.  She has changed her story.  Somebody who is content enough to do such a thing before a court of law in a sworn evidence bundle, well, you know, what else are they going to lie about… ?  ….

MARY ANN SIMPSON [To Judge] Could I… the letter to Bill Wiggin is not germane [relevant] in my opinion ….”




  1. Amazed said

    How much worse can it get?

  2. Inquisitor said

    Are you able to put up some screen shots or the text of the original letter, and the “revised” letter that was later submitted in evidence? Were the two different versions of the letter significantly different?

    So you have the orginal Court transcripts proving Mary Anne Simpson forged evidence and later admitted to perjury under oath? the plot thickens…

  3. Inquisitor,

    I have been forwarded a copy of the court transcript, yes. (And for the record, as far as I know anybody else can purchase a copy from the court service to verify this was said as stated.)

    Yes the two letters had significant differences. And even if they had not been that different, the fact Mrs Simpson would forge a letter in retrospect and submit it the court swearing it was the original would still be really bad.

    Additionally, Mary Ann Simpson of Horley, Surrey, had allegedly also concocted other “evidence” and lied and otherwise misled the court so this, allegedly, was not the only lie or deceit or misleading or attempt to pervert justice and defraud and smear Diggory Press. However the fact that a Conservative MP was a witness against her forced her to admit her fraud in this instance – yet note how when she is trapped in a corner, she blusters around it and dares to say she doesn’t think her fraud “relevant”. Someone saying this showing no remorse or repentance has no integrity, in my view, at all.

    I’ll see if I can get a copy of these letters as it would be interesting what Simpson was trying to cover up, or mislead about in those two letters.

  4. Amazed, it gets much worse. Just you wait until you see the Stephan T Manning transcript and see how much he criminally perjures himself when he gives verbal evidence!

    And then, compare that transcript with evidence of what really went on to note how much Manning has lied in reporting to everybody what actually went on in the court hearing, and what was said by the Judge and adjudged for and why.

  5. Amazed said

    Oh my!

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