Proof of Stephen T Manning’s fraudulent court claims against Diggory Press and Rosalind Miriam Franklin. Illegally Using Someone Else’s Name

Proof that dirty dog Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Dooagh Village, Achill Island, Ireland, entered yet another fraudulent and nonsense court claim against Diggory Press, illegally using the name of somebody else without their knowledge! (This is not the only occasion, I have already shown proof concerning one other supposed claimant).

(You can click on this image to enlarge it. I have whited out some of the personal information on this letter such as full names and addresses and signature).

As a bit more background information, in their defence to the fraudulent claim (before being made aware of the above letter and the surrounding circumstances), Diggory Press had said to the court:

“VMK is not a customer of ours and has not yet paid us any money as even she/he admits. We dispute the fact that any such CD was sent to us, as it has not once been requested to be returned, let alone requested “numerous times”, and no setup/file review fee of £30 was ever enclosed with it, nor were we ever informed of the CD’s existence before this court claim. However, even if it had genuinely been sent, by sending materials to us the author has agreed to our terms and conditions as posted on our website which include that we are not responsible for loss of, or damage to material submitted by the Author, including but not limited to manuscripts, discs, CDs, and artwork.

They have also agreed that: “The Author agrees that the liability of Exposure Publishing, its employees and agents, if any, arising out of any kind of legal claim (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) connected with any transaction entered with Exposure Publishing shall not exceed the amount The Author paid to Exposure Publishing in connection with the transaction giving rise to such a claim. Exposure Publishing or its employees, agents or third-party licensors and content providers will not be liable to The Author or anyone else for any special, consequential, indirect, exemplary, cover, punitive, incidental or similar damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, lost sales, or lost business) directly or indirectly related to The Book.”.. and they paid us nothing.

Furthermore, at the time VMK was requesting to be invoiced for publishing services (but that is all – with no mention of any CD) we were NOT accepting in new work and had this fact posted on the front page of our website. We cannot therefore be blamed for not invoicing him/her, or for not corresponding with them. It is no failure on our part – only the author’s for not reading the website properly.

The fact we did not invoice or accept in new work when we were then at full capacity indicates our continued trustworthiness and integrity in not invoicing for work we do not think we can fulfil. I highlight the personal remarks and character assassinations about ‘Mrs Franklin’ and her alleged failures, which is not necessarily the same as any alleged failures of Diggory Press Ltd. These remarks are made by someone who has not even dealt with us/far less me personally and indicates collusion with and ‘coaching’ by Stepehn Manning, otherwise how would they have known my name or even gotten personal?This claim is highly suspect and we do not think it can be true for the reasons given already and many more. If the author had really sent a disc they would have really sent a cheque. But they did not.

It is also not logical to not make a copy of ‘irreplacable photos’ before sending them to any publisher in the Royal Mail. Furthermore, it is most likely these same photos were on another CD or computer hard-drive anyway and so nothing has really been lost apart form a CD disc worth less than a £1, and this is a bogus claim.

The claim for £250 for “cost of trying to obtain materials so far” is also highly suspect with no actual backup or real data given. Regardless, the fact is the author has not once requested [to] the first port of call – us – for the disc.

However, regardless of whether an actual disc was genuinely sent out or not, this claim has no substance because of our terms and conditions, not to mention common sense. This is a harassing, frivolous and vexatious claim and the claim should be struck out. ..”

This, by the way, is the bogus claim entered by Manning (supposedly) on VMK’s behalf: (you can click on the image to enlarge it – private details such as names and addresses, although in the public domain, I have chosen to white out for the sake of privacy – especially as VMK is one of Manning’s “victims” too.)


  1. Amazed said

    He did WHAT?!!! Why isn’t this guy in jail already?

  2. Inquisitor said

    Who in their right mind would send ‘irreplaceable’ pics on a cd through the post without backup anyway ? The case would have been laughed out of court…another of the supposed “diggory 17” that have never been substantiated.

    So it is clear that VMK didn’t consent to being a part of the ‘group litigation’ ,
    do we know who is responsible for entering the court claim on his behalf?
    As well as the small claim’s court paperwork being filled in by a third party it would involve a payment of £30, how was this paid and by who? Is there any plaintiff’s signature anywhere ?

    So really anyone could chuck an unsolicited submission in the post to checkpoint press, claim it has not been returned and then sue for ‘damages’ ,
    posting everywhere on the net that checkpoint press are currently being sued
    in the uk courts. This is what has been done to Diggory Press, the self-appointed spokesman of this group action being “Dr” stephen Manning of checkpoint press. Ireland.

  3. Inquisitor,

    It was a bogus case for all sorts of reasons, even if the “genuine” named litigant had entered it themselves (which as it is shown by court documents they did NOT).

    But in this case, it defies belief that Manning used another person’s name without their consent, and then proceeded it to trial without VMK’s consent or even knowledge, especially on such a bogus claim.

    It was only because of the court contacting VMK directly when he along with about 11 other ‘names’ failed to show up at court that VMK even found out about the case – Manning would have gone all the way if he could fraudulently using VMK’s name. (What would he have done with any damages, I wonder, had it won or DP settled?)

    Yes we do know who was behind the claim – Stephen Manning – who “represented” the author (and the other 11 “names” in court) – so he said though of course VMK did not know this and the judge did not accept this. There is evidence that Manning/Checkpoint Press paid for this claim along with the other bogus claims. For privacy reasons I have NOT shown the signature/s on this claim.

  4. Inquisitor said

    Does the signature look the same as that of VMK? If there is a signature by “VMK” even though he has made it clear that the small claims court proceedings were entered into without his knowlege, then that means presumably that “someone” has forged his signature on court paperwork.

    Again, how was the court fee paid and by who?

    Would this be perverting the course of justice? has anyone been interviewed
    about this by the police?

    The fact that this blog has stayed up makes me wonder how sure Stephen Manning is about being able to prove to a libel court that this is neither true nor fair comment.

    I was always highly sceptical of this “diggory 17” , “co-ordinated” by Stephen Manning of checkpoint press. He claims to have 100 author complaints, I just wish they would all have posted online with their book titles and specific complaints rather than interested parties having to take Manning’s word for it without any way of independently verifying his rather doubtful claims.

    It seems to me that anyone able to write a book published with an online pod publisher would easily be able to string a couple of sentences together and post them anywhere on the net where the subject has been covered ad-nauseum. It certainly would be a lot more credible than annonymous complaints. And, if these compliants were genuine then why didn’t this 100 dissatisfied authors involve themselves in the group action? At £30 and a couple of forms to fill in it is really easy sue through the small claims court…perhaps too easy.

    Can we have an update on exactly what has gone before the courts to date and wether any damages were awarded? Is any legal action pending currently?

  5. Inquisitor,

    The signature on the form does not purport to be from VMK. Instead it is allegedly from the person supposedly working on VMK’s behalf who wrongly claims to represent the author and be authorised to make the claim on VMK’s behalf.

    This claim is linked to Manning. He sought to represent VMK in court too so you cannot get any clearer than that. The court fee was paid by Stephen Manning. He has admitted in court documents as paying for ALL of the claims, although he claims relief from fees for his own harassing claims.

    This as far as I know (I’m not a lawyer) counts as fraud, abuse of process, contempt of court, harassment, extortion, and perverting the course of justice – and possibly perjury. The police have been investigating this.

    Most of the nonsense claims linked to Manning were thrown out, but there’s still a couple cases pending. Despite what Manning says, DP have not been found guilty of fraud.

  6. james said

    Are you aware that in 13 April 2005 Stephen Manning brought a similar lawsuit against another publisher called pagefree publishing inc. Using similar tactics and making similar demands? See

    This company has also ceased trading

  7. James, yes thank you, we were aware about “Dr” Stephen Manning’s “campaign” against Page Free Publishing – indeed, there are a couple of posts about Manning and the Page Free campaign already on this site.

    There was no actual lawsuit against Page Free publishing though (in so far as I could find out about, anyway), – probably as the US does not have the same small claims court legal system that can so easily be abused at little or even no cost to the claimant as is the case in the UK. We did, however, find evidence of false claims on the internet as to what did and did not go on with, and at, Page Free Publishing, and some of Manning’s false claims about Page Free did not check out when I checked the facts out with independent third parties like the Michigan attorney general.

    (BTW, it has been said that Page Free would have been the ones who’d have sued Stephen Manning, had Manning not skipped the U.S. moving to Ireland, and moving onto Diggory Press with, what its director Rosalind Franklin described in court, the same “modus operandi” honed at Page Free to attempt to extort from THEM.)

    Certainly, Stephen Manning has boasted of what has been gained by his lying, intimidatory, harassing and bullying, extorting tactics against his victims within his “campaigns” – and he’s had more than one campaign against more than one party for whatever reason of his, as the abundant evidence indicates.

    One of his victims, Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd says in court/police documents that Stephen Manning threatened her company over 3 years ago with a lying smear campaign against them if she did not give him what he demanded from her company at that time. She says when she refused to give into his attempted blackmail, Manning laughed and said she did not know who she was dealing with as he had done it to others before her, and by accounts, he boasted of this while threatening her. (Page Free publishing allege they are one of these “others” before her company, the other one could be the American diploma mill Manning bought some of his “academic” qualifications off of).

    Regardless of who these “others” were, this evil bully needs to be stopped. He’s hurt far too many innocent people and got away with committing far too much criminal activity already. We know of other people and companies who claim to have been hurt by this man much more recently too, so this is not just all in the past now. Some of these people are so afraid of him and his reprisals or increased activity against them they do not wish their names or stories mentioned on this blog.

    In addition to the three non linked publishing companies already mentioned on this blog and the people working within them, the american “university”, and then also all the numerous Christian blogger individuals lied about and smeared and harassed and accused of being people they’re not (e.g. Miriam Franklin), we’ve heard about one party (not a publishing company and not a blogger) who it is alleged has very recently suffered from Manning’s activities against THEM, unless, it is alleged, Manning is given cash from them to go away and make it stop.

  8. james said

    Thank you for your response. I did throw my penny’s worth in at Peacebringer site. However after a savage attack he has closed that thread of debate. There was some form of reconciliation met out.

    However IF genuine “I will not hold my breath!! I would expect to see peacebringer name now excluded from Mannings list of malicious listings. To date that has not happned. Peacebringer has done what manning has asked and Peacebringer did contact him in private. So I would expect Manning to follow through his end. As I said I will not hold my breath on that one.

  9. Is Peacebringer still being accused of being Rosalind Franklin?! This is getting dumberer and dumberer, especially and even more so given what Peacebriger has parroted to date passing on Manning’s lies about this ungodly business without getting his facts right which has aided in Manning’s “campaign’.

    (BTW, I have been informed other people likewise accused by Manning of being people they are not also contacted Stephen Manning as he requested to “verify their identity” but to date he has never retracted his allegations they are Rosalind Franklin either – just indicating he has no interest in truth and will lie as it suits him, regardless of the innocents caught up in it.

    One person also told me me that not only did Manning not retract his accusation about them, but he then taunted the person, bullied them, intimidated them and harassed them. Another person we found out about (not Rosalind or Miriam or Page Free) unjustly accused who also went to lengths to verify their identity but was still wrongly accused of being Rosalind is apparently too afraid of coming out against Manning in case their name and business is attacked again and more to extra financial loss, so they’ll let the other Manning victims stew so as to protect themselves.

    The whole thing about verifying identities is stupid anyway, nobody should be bowing and scraping to meet Manning’s silly demands and being drawn into his twisted game playing. I would say this is childish, if it were not for the great deal of damage it has caused to so many people which is far from small or petty or childish. This is big and ugly, and Manning has had multiple victims across the globe. (How many more may have given into his obnoxious demands?) There have been reported death threats that have happened because of Manning’s campaign, people have lived in fear because of it, and several people’s livelihoods have completely gone because of his lies about them. Other people’s reputations have been shot to pieces, and/or have suffered from incessant harassment and bullying.

  10. james said

    I have just looked at mannings update on his Miriam Alias. Well Peacebringer is still there being maligned, despite his reconciliation.
    Looks like I have been a Miriam. I presume Not happy with my pennys worth. Well as I am not Miriam, wrong genter. It looks like the man is definetly “NUTS” He has gone from 46 to almosy 58 Names. Keep at it and he will have half the country.on his site.

  11. Margie in Oz said

    Anyone know why EPTW site has not been updated in 10 days? It makes me wonder just what the truth is as I would imagine a genuine Christian would be accountable at least to those who have supported MF. Hope the Moderator hasn’t been attacked too! I was concerned about the appearance of the “Donate” button too.

  12. Margie, I’m a bit confused how in your mind the ETPW site not having been updated for a short period of time equals someone there not being accountable or genuine? Or is that not what you meant?

    Was the exclamation point sarcasm?! And if so, why? Do you know all Miriam has been through, or any other of Manning’s victims?

    • Margie in Oz said

      My apologies, it was not meant as sarcasm, I truly hope no one else is hurt. My concern is that ETPW has many people, including friends over here, who are wondering why there has been no updates on the site. The last time this happened was when Miriam was injured (allusions were made that the NAR was responsible) and I think there will be many regular bloggers concerned that the site has not been updated for 10 days. I hope the Moderator is able to let us know if there are problems. ETPW has been a great source of teaching and information to me after I came out of the WF and Prosperity teachings. Forgive me if my comments offended anyone.

  13. Inquisititor said

    Stephen Manning got a bit of a mauling over at peacebringer’s forum lately it seems, although in the last post peacebringer said that I (inquisitor) was little better then him, but went on to say something along the lines of that low moral standards should be expected of athiests anyway.

    Judging but my recent impressions of a lot of Chrstian bloggers I can really do without any more of this pious crap. Unfortunate though, as in some respects peacebringer was wise enought to see through “dr” manning’s claims , to face eternal damnation in the checkpoint press rougue’s gallery with myself and 56 others.

    A lot of what I have questioned about Stephen manning of the “miriam franklin victim support group” is what peacebringer himself questioned too: manning’s doubtful academic credentials, his describing himself as a minister, counsellor,adjunct professor etc. his grossly distorted reporting of the mythical “diggory 17” group action, none of which seems to add up,

    He claimed that the previous ‘libellous’ blogs against him were removed by the “authorities” , why is this blog still up then?

    For anyone reading this thinking what a trivial load of nonsense this is , it is all about exposing stephen manning’s sustained cyber stalking and online harrasment of rosalind franklin of diggory press.

    There are no winners in this, only losers. Anybody foolish enopugh to be considering doing any form of business with stephen mannin’s checkpoint press of ireland or any other businesses of his might carefully consider who they are really dealing with. That is the important bit.

  14. Inquisitor,

    >>it is all about exposing stephen manning’s sustained cyber stalking and online harrasment of rosalind franklin of diggory press.

    Not all, as this blog is about the many victims (plural) of Stephen T Manning, who is currently based in Dooagh Village, Achill Island, Ireland, not just about Rosalind Franklin’s experiences at his evil hands.

    I note you’re yet another person accused of being Rosalind Franklin “in disguise”.

  15. Margie,

    I’ve seen so many nasty, unfair and unkind comments directed towards Miriam Franklin at the ETPW blog with ‘Christian’ people who should know a lot better believing the lies about her and even adding their own lies about her into the mix.

    Specifically because I’ve read some especially horrible remarks about her attack saying she was somehow lying about it to make money, that I thought this was may have been similar sarcasm as I’ve seen coming from them coming from you. I’m really glad it’s not, but out of interest why were you concerned about the donate button appearing on the ETPW site?

    I know Miriam Franklin is still too unwell to blog at ETPW, hence the lack of her posts or moderation or general update of her site for months. (It would be nice if people who care about her still and who believe her would send her messages of love and support and not just leave it to the ravens to feed her as she’s been in a horrible place.) I also know a volunteer was helping out recently in Miriam’s absence from ETPW and I know they were personally being accused, harassed and slandered, and I know also that Miriam was getting even more flack because of having a moderator and even more rubbish about her was being spread/or believed. Claims included this was “yet another” deceptive alias of hers and claims were made that ‘James’ and ‘Richvision’ who’d written a lot at ETPW were also Miriam posting in disguise! Stupid, stupid, poisonous, cruel and unkind lies.

    Inquisitor, I too believe that Christians should behave as Christians, or at least like decent human beings if they can’t be Christlike. But most don’t. What can I say? That’s life.

  16. james said

    Well I know that richvision is certainly not Miriam as he is Canadian and a lovely brother in the Lord. People are on his hit list for no other reason than they tried to ask the right questions. Manning is judge and jury and he always finds people guilty who do not agree with his world. Peacebringer was open to allow everyone a say and Manning lambasted him for it. Even though he has now closed that thread for further discussion and Manning’s final words were.

    “regret any offences I have inadvertently caused, and wish all sincere posters and contributors here, peace and goodwill……I’ll now take my own advice, and move on to more fruitful and productive things.. Stephen”

    Within days of this he writes in his update rogues list:I know I checked!

    “Worthy of note is ‘peacebringer’ (aka Tim Blake) who I regret to say has, in my opinion, made serious errors of judgement in (i) allowing Mrs Franklin and various clandestine ‘others’ to misuse his ‘peacebringer’ blog,”

    So much for an apology. To castigate Peacebringer who patiently allowed both sides to have their say..What Manning calls misuse was in fact people using their right as free people to voice an opinion. A freedom which Manning describes as a “misuse”. What does that say about this man? The only opinion Manning will accept is the one he says you can have.

    Further more Manning says :
    “I remain deeply troubled that apparently sincere people would go to battle on Mrs Franklin’s behalf, before doing their research properly”

    The truth is that Manning had quoted me long before I knew there was a debate and accused me of being I think Miriam. MY response was to see who and what this man was that would suggest I was someone I was not..

    Before his latest update I quoted Manning as saying on his blog. “INCREDIBLE; THAT IT IS THIS EASY TO DEFAME SOMEONE UNJUSTLY..” My response was “yet below is almost 46 people accused of being Miriam and by association complicit of fraud. With threats of further names to be adding to his notorious list. He quickly removed that quote from his latest update. But not before I saw it first.

    It has to be clear that in offering an apology and then continuing to malign a man who for all intends was polite. Shows that his word means nothing! It proves the deceptiveness of the man. Peacebringer closed that thread for further debate. I think he had enough of being attacked. But clearly Manning did not.

    • James,
      The thread was closed not because of any “public debate” but it had gotten to the point where it was best for all to shut down the comments and move people to give their information on their own perspective sites. It also became clear that any dialogue was just repeating the same “conversation” over and over which benefits no one. My personally being “attacked” really matters not.

  17. james said

    As for Manning the more he tries to throw mud in all directions the more he reveals about himself. . On his latest update concerning the details of the actual court cases. He actual pays Miriam a compliment without even realising it. He mentions that she would not swear an oath on the Bible. While Manning sneers at this, he does not realise that there are many sincere Christians who will not do so. The courts accept this and so they can take an oath on another basis that is acceptable. I personally would have agreed with Miriam on this matter. This shows her respect for God and the Bible. Manning then sneers at Miriam’s character and looks. A man who is forced to do that usually has very little else to argue. It exposes the reality that he did not get from the court what he wanted. It also exposes the dubious character he is. It exposes the feebleness of his arguements.

    His link to the unification church is for anyone who has the time to look. UTS NEW YORK is a unification run distant learning facility were Manning was a student.

    “An international and interdenominational graduate level Seminary. At UTS students can earn degrees which will serve as a foundation for ministerial work and leadership in a variety of settings.

    UTS is an interfaith seminary with both faculty and students representing a wide range of religious traditions. The curricula at UTS are likewise interfaith in nature and include courses on Christianity, Islam and Buddhism among others.

    Established in 1975, by the founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, UTS celebrates more than 30 Years of educating international leaders in a wide variety of missions worldwide.”

    Anyone who has any involvement in the Unification church will have serious issues with anything to do with Christianity. As they believe that Sun Moon is the New Messiah. I have debated with Mormons and JW’s and in most cases got first base with them. But followers of the Unification church were a strange lot. I could never get any where with them. The eyes said it all.
    The problem with Manning is that he is not coming against one person but multitudes; well his ongoing list shows that. By deceiving himself that they are all Miriam he can delude himself that he is only arguing against one person. HE IS NOT. This is something which he can’t understand. When one member of the body hurts we all hurt. That is a lot of people.

    For Many ETPW has become more than just a web site but a necessary ministry, offering a social network of information across the globe. Miriam started something here that the enemy of all freedom would stop. That is the right to have your say, debate and yes even at times disagree. But in so doing information was being moved across borders.

    I am aware that many simply do not know what to believe. All I can say is be patient. Pray for the peace of God on all those involved including Manning. He needs it. Pray that Miriam and her family recover from this ordeal. They need it. Ask God to bless Manning for God tells us to bless them that curse us. Lord bless him with salvation.

  18. James,

    Peacebringer (Tim) was far too giving to the point of naivety by giving too much room to Stephen T Manning to continue to lie, smear, harass and bully. Tim gave him a free advertisement on ‘Christian’ space, and enabled someone who is deceptive, malicious and dangerous to unfairly attack others, and he also advertised this dangerous man’s contact details thereby potentially putting even more innocents caught up in this who could contact Manning into harm’s way.

    That is not gracious of Tim (as some have remarked), that is not neutral or peacemaking, it is wrong and reckless as no grace is shown to the victims or thought for what continued damage it was doing them, and biblical procedure was not followed with regards to accusations either. Furthermore, Tim ignored the warnings about Manning posing as a Christian when he had in fact long term Moonie connections – this alone should have put a Christian blogger on alert, and not want them to advertise such a deceptive poster’s contact details.

    Why on earth did Peacebringer not check out the facts for himself before posting ‘facts’ about the court cases, disinformation and lies fed him by a notorious liar like Stephen Manning? Is Tim really that naive, couldn’t he smell the fishy whiff and discern ‘Dr’ Manning’s real character? Tim was siding and aiding a bully-boy and then joining in with the bully to throw stones at the victim as well. Why?

    Peacebringer merely took Manning’s lies for it and jumped to his own conclusions about Manning’s victims based on only Manning’s info, and only that! Although Tim has surely seen by now much of Manning’s deception, and seen the folly in arguing with him or giving him space to rant erc, Tim has not done the right thing and withdrawn his posts based on the Manning ‘evidence’ that Tim used to assess the Manning smear victims’ guilt, declaring them guilty without a fair hearing. Tim has grievously sinned against Miriam Franklin at ETPW by calling her deceptive and not to be trusted etc etc without knowing – or checking – the facts, and he has also sinned against Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press by posting lies about them and the court case and accusing them of wrongs they did not commit.

    I think for all this that Tim is sincere and one hopes Tim will apologise. Bit late then though when the damage is already done.


    as Stephen Manning knows for all the wrong reasons, as according to papers filed by Diggory Press, Manning seeks to make a living from smearing people unjustly if they do not give into his extortive demands. Manning knows how easy it is because he apparently does it!

    He allegedly did it to Page Free publishing, he moved onto Diggory Press boasting of his previous smear campaigns while threatening them, and he’s allegedly attacked w, x, and y since as well, (w, x and y being three unassociated parties too afraid of more attacks and reprisals etc to speak out publicly here). Along the way lots of bloggers (about fifty) have been wrongly accused and harassed.

    Evil, evil man.

  20. I just wanted to add (as if it really needed to be said anyway but for the record…) I know that Miriam Franklin has to date never posted a comment on Peacebringer’s blogs about her, including under any pseudonym. It also has to be said (as has been stated before re: the accusations against Rosalind Franklin) why would Miriam use an alias to post neutral or going nowhere type of comments as has been accused, when if physically able to Miriam could so easily demolish Manning’s vain deceptions about her in her own name with the real facts?!

    Some people from this site (call us the Manning Victim support group) HAVE however had contact from/with Miriam Franklin at various times, and know how very unwell Miriam’s been after being attacked making her very incapacitated and making writing or posting anything on anything very difficult, but about this kind of stupid pathetic and sickening nonsense as accused using an alias, impossible – even if it were Miriam’s “thing”.

  21. James,

    It was Rosalind Franklin at Diggory Press Ltd who is a Christian who refused to swear on the Bible at the court hearing, and she gave her clear reasons for doing so at the time to the court saying it was against her religious convictions (Jesus said to not swear by anything in heaven or or earth, and to let your yes be yes and no by no etc), and so she was given opportunity to ‘swear in’ as a witness another way. You are right in this actually reflecting in some way her Christian character, and her respect for God’s word.

    I am told by witnesses that Stephen Manning did not swear on the Bible but chose to solemnly affirm instead, so this “licensed Christian minister” is being somewhat hypocritical by sneering at Rosalind Franklin for not swearing on the Bible when he didn’t do it either! He took the oath and he then also perjured himself all over the place, another criminal offence to add to his stash of his known offences, however the oath by either of them was taken.

  22. James,

    As for Stephen Manning’s Moonie connections, if he wants to be a Moonie that’s fine, I’m not going to ridicule it or attack him for his beliefs however much I may personally disagree with them. I could easily ridicule his being involved in the Unification church over many years even long after he finished at UTS, and his being married to his wife in a mass Moonie wedding service, and even point fun at what he’s said in the past about Rev Sun Myung Moon and his wife, the “True Parents”, but I haven’t and I won’t as this is a side issue to what’s at hand here, and I ask others to also not get involved in this either here. This blog is not about the rights and wrongs of the Unification church or indeed any church. That debate can take place elsewhere. My beef (and others’ beef) has been Manning’s deceptiveness about what and who he really is. And the harm he causes others with his campaigns, criminal activity and numerous lies.

  23. james said

    You have made a very Good Point. Peacebringer did indeed allow Manning to post his e-mail link. I did not look at that. Allowing him to do that open people to contact Manning and thus allowing Manning to gain acess to private infromation. Hmm. Goodness knows what would then be posted back or how that information would be used by Manning. VALID POINT in question. You are right it is utter nonsense to have Miriam running around trying to post multiple posts under pseudonyms. I think by now many of us know that this would be plain daft!!! How many does Manning have…. almost 60 names. Even a tenth of them still makes that a lot of uselless activity. In fact we should all incourage him. I have no doubt this man has many lists. The bakerman, the candlestick man , the milkman and the cofee atendedant who invertantly serves his coffee one degree colder than he is used to. All it does is expose him for the character he is. Fixated and obsessed, is there not a name for people who are like that?

    • I have an open policy related tomoderation. My biggest issue with Dr. Manning was his false accusations toward others of being an aliai and that line of thought and paranoia I believe was clearly debunked in the discussions. Now perhaps doing so others may consider unwise, but I am believer in there being an honest exchange. If anyone has contacted Dr. Manning and been compromised by such they are certainly free to contact me and I will deal directly with such behavior. My whole intent in this any exchange is to operate in truth and love. For any ways I may have faltered in doing so, sicnerly offer apologies as never intent.

  24. james said

    Oh I forgot he is also PARANOID, fixated and obsessed. There is definetly a medical condition related to that somewhere.

  25. For all the people that see through Manning, even if they be the majority, it is the tiny minority that make the most noise and can cause the most harm – whether they mean to or not.

    Some people are naive, some lazy, some greedy, some just like fighting and aggro, some people are natural bullies, some people are just plain nasty. Whatever the motive, it’s part of nature sadly that when someone is being bullied by an individual in the pack, the rest of the pack will tend to turn not on the bully as they should do but on the victim! Not all have joined in the bullying admittedly, but many whether they realised it or not have sided with the bully by believing or passing on his lies and shunning Miriam. Of those who always have known this is a load of nonsense, well there’s been way too many people who have not stepped into help in this when they should have and have just watched on from the sidelines while Miriam and the others are being savaged before them. Popcorn, anyone?

    ‘Evil prospers when good men do nothing’.

    I think Tim/Peacebringer is sincere, sincerely led astray, but people like Observant Watchman who’s got in on this bandwagon are definitely not sincere. You should see what they do behind the scenes, what a hypocrite that person is!

    Contacting Stephen Manning can lead to harm, as others can verify:-

    My Beloved wrote Manning to verify her identity and she says she got harassed, bullied and insulted by Manning, and she of course made Manning’s list as Rosalind Franklin and is still there to this date, so that’s one example of an innocent led into harm’s way – to her. Others tell me they are in a similar boat.

    Deborah Hunter who ran Kingdom Come Publishing verified her identity to Manning, and for it she got lied about so much she had to close her business, and to this date Manning still lies including to the court that her company was Rosalind/DP in disguise and he has never retracted his allegations about her.

    Others who contacted Manning, their names and details were used by him to make false court claims against Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press they did not even know about!!!, and they allege they have since been threatened, bullied and intimidated by Manning to say they agreed to the claim when they did not, so there’s more victims of his there.

    Some of these people are also unbalanced: Diggory Press even have evidence of death threats coming from a guy that Manning wound up to believe the worst about them.

  26. james said

    So there are NOW THREE companies that have now closed because of Manning ACTIONS? . This is terrible. I wonder of the three how many were Christian? I was certainly aware that any info sent to Manning would be manipulated and used by him. He just comes accross that sort of person.

  27. Three companies at least forced to cease trading to date because of Manning, all not linked to each other in any way, all three companies were also run by Christians (this may not be the motive, but that is the factual evidence) – plus other parties and individuals on top of this, many Christian, that have been affected negatively in other ways by Stephen T Manning’s activities.

  28. james said

    Hi need your advice on this matter. As you know I am aware of some of the circumstances concerning Miriam and her buisness. People on ETPW are begining to ask questions as to what is happening with Miriam. I know its really none of my buisness. But is do care about what happens to Miriam and her husband. I hope they are OK. Advice part :should I say anything or should I just keep quiet for the time being. If you have any contact with Miriam pass on the fact people do care and do support her. Maybe even a little comment on ETPW would be a great encouragement. Together we are stronger.

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