Miriam Franklin fraud? (endtimespropheticwords blogger)

Read all the truth here at this blog and read about the real victims involved in this saga! The story is more shocking and more dirty than one could possibly imagine.



  1. Amazed said

    Miriam Franklin has been accused by Dr Evil, Dr Manning, only because it suits him and the even eviler Rahab to say Miriam is somebody she’s not. Just like Dr Evil continues to say other people that he knows are not Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press are Rosalind “in disguise” as well. it suits Dr Evil “Phd” to accuse well known Christian bloggers Polycarp, P J Miller, Steve Lumbley and anyone and everyone who questions Dr Evil’s story of all being Miriam Franklin in disguise too, and Miriam Franklin in turn is accused of being Rosalind Franklin in disguise! Dumberer and dumberer. (And if I were Rosalind Franklin of Diggory and I was gonna blog, I’d have blogged all the evidence contained on this blog out instead of leaving the rather bland and innocuous comments left on forums that the liar Manning says are Rosalind’s!)

    It’s just nutty, obsessive and paranoid if Dr Evil truly believes it’s all Rosalind in disguise, and it’s acting like a sick stalker. I think Stephen T Manning doesn’t believe it tho’ and it is more mud throwing to see what will stick and smear his end targets – altho’ I do definitely think he’s sick and a stalker.

    If people are going to say there’s any weight to Dr Manning’s story about Miriam Franklin being done for fraud, then PJ and Polycarp and Steve Lumbley all must stand in the dock too, because Miriam has not been the only one accused of being Rosalind. And you know, regardless who’s really who anyway, this blog has shown with the evidence that Dr Evil has told lies about what’s really gone on in the court cases involving THE Rosalind, and the evidence shows that Dr Evil has committed multiple counts of fraud and deception against THE Rosalind. So all the named parties apart from Manning are innocent of these charges of fraud anyway. The only fraud is Manning. Oh and his fraudulent lying sidekicks Mary Ann Simpson and Rahab.

  2. Amazed said

    Did anybody notice Dr Evil gave himself away over at peacebringers blog when Father Ted (great name!) left a comment that linked to this blog’s content?

    In response to Father Ted, Dr Evil aka Stephen T Manning said something like: ‘oh finally Miriam has arisen from her slumber’. (Miriam Franklin has not been blogging for months due to suffering physical problems resulting from an attack. And Miriam Franklin is someone whom Manning accuses of being Diggory Press’s Rosalind Franklin).

    Yet the contradictory thing Manning said in attempting to smear Miriam and ultimately Rosalind gave him away. Because if Dr Evil really believed Miriam was all the aliases he has been alleging she is for months that she’s been supposedly slumbering, then she’s been VERY active on the net and has not been slumbering to awake to anything now, has she?!

    And if Dr Evil declares now in his new version of his truth that Miriam HAS been slumbering, then Manning, Rahab and Ian Vincent would have been lying about Miriam blogging with all the aliases and Dr Evil is admitting he knew that but still said it was her to smear and undermine her credibility.

    Nobody who genuinely believed Miriam was blogging under all the aliases would say to Father Ted ‘ah she’s FINALLY awoken’ as there was no sleep period to awake to (in the genuine thinker’s mind), so do you see the lie? Dr Evil gave himself away in the lie and there’s no way around it for him to squirm out of it, the evil little worm. How do you say it, Sleuth? He’s BUSTED.

  3. Very well spotted, Amazed!

  4. ItsHellWithoutJESUS said

    hey, i’ve been accused of being miriam by manning, after commenting on peacebringer’s blog. im just glad that people are not falling for his lies. I hope and pray that miriam is ok, and comes back to blogging soon. there is too much garbage going on in the world today. the church needs more people like her.

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