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Stephen T Manning, Rahab, Ian Vincent and Miriam Franklin at endtimes – The Truth

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The book(s) that Diggory Press had zero control over yet were blamed for

Manning (STM) for Checkpoint Press, in seeking to continue to smear and harass Rosalind Franklin (RF) of Diggory Press (DP), says in 2007 on a comment left on a publishing blog – (link)

I took a screenshot to show you what Manning is referring to – showing that an obscure book website in Germany decided to list STM’s next edition of The Color of Truth, (link) rightly using STM’s own Checkpoint Press’ isbn number, but wrongly allocating the title against ‘Exposure Publishing’ (run by Rosalind Franklin) as its publisher.

However, as of today, approx two years on from that blog post, Manning has done nothing to correct this error as it is still up there as being published by Exposure today, so STM can’t be that bothered by it, indicating he is well aware it doesn’t mean anything sinister or anything untoward has been done to his book.

If this were, as STM is intent on implying, some sort of bizarre secret counterfeit edition Rosalind Franklin had somehow done on the sly (how?), and RF was somehow making money off it (HOW? – when the isbn is set up to him/his company and any book orders could only come to him?) and also WHY  (when the average life sales for a self published print on demand book are less than two copies – so it’s an awful lot of risk and work for a couple of pounds at best in sales that would all be eaten up anyway in the initial book set up costs meaning any such silly person allegedly doing this would be doing it at a big loss!) – but IF there was anything DP had done wrong in this instance then you can bet your bottom dollar that all these years down the line he’d have sorted it out! But STM has NOT. Which speaks volumes about this particular allegation and also about its lack of veracity!

STM asks why it appears under Exposure Publishing – a question he well knows the answer to as Rosalind Franklin has told him exactly why. Along with the ISBN agency. However he is banking on his readers to NOT know the answer – or to not bother checking the facts out for themselves, and to automatically connect the smear against Diggory Press with all the rest of his smear against Diggory Press and lazily come to incorrect conclusions about them and the Christian woman that he incessantly harasses there. Trust him, he says. After all he is a doctor! (BTW, you need to see this about where STM bought his Phd doctorate from, if you haven’t done already)

I’ve already gone into Manning’s false claims about what Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd supposedly did with his title when it was being printed and distributed through her company with his authority: – that is he says RF instead of merely printing and distributing it for him as a third party, printed and distributed it under her own company’s publishing imprint/s instead. (Impossible to do when still using his own publishing company’s isbn (as was the actual case) – check the facts on this site out: and if she’d printed it under her own imprint it would have had to have had one of her company’s isbns assigned to it which it never did), and also look at the extra evidence that shows Diggory Press did not do this. And any publisher would KNOW this as it is very basic – it’s not rocket science. So any publisher who alleges otherwise is either totally inept or corrupt, or both inept and corrupt.)

STM is going even further here in this particular allegation, because he’s saying that he took his Color of Truth book as a new edition with a new isbn number of his own to his own printers and distributors without having Rosalind Franklin or Diggory Press or its staff involved anywhere  in the whole process from start through to finish.

So how can RF then be blamed for this error on his new title on a German book website – when the book was nothing to do with her or her company and was not in her control? How can this imply anything sinister that she or her company has done?  This listing ‘error’ is even more obviously not her fault, and also even more obviously not something she had any control over at all!

As Manning and EVERY publisher knows, the German book website (along with all book websites) gets its information from the ISBN agency – NOT from another publisher or individual. Only a book’s publisher – Checkpoint Press in Manning’s title’s case – have authority to release when and what type of information about each and every new title is sent to the ISBN agency, which in turn affects how the title is eventually listed on book websites. Even if another party wanted to, they could not list or change another party’s book’s data. So forget about why would anyone want to do this, it’s a question of nobody else could do this – even if they wanted to.

The responsibility for this ‘error’ then can only lie in three places: and none of them is at Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press’s feet. As Manning ridiculously alleges.

No publisher or website can blame another publisher, whoever they be, for errors in their own book’s listing. As another publisher  does not have the authority or the ability to be able to supply or to alter this data. Yet STM does blame another publisher – a rival – for doing this along with a host of other ‘criminal’ things –  even though he knows they technically cannot do what he accuses them of doing, and also knows that his rival did not do as charged anyway!

The fact is that if there is any incorrect information on any website or book report then it’s the fault of the book website, or the ISBN agency, or the owner of the isbn number who sent in (or did not send in) the information to the ISBN agency in the first place (the most likely reason for fault).

RF and DP has no authority with the isbn agency or with book websites to be able to send in information on any other publisher’s book, including on Checkpoint Press titles. STM however DOES have authority to alter information on Checkpoint titles, and so if anyone fraudulently altered his title data, the finger MUST firmly point to him as being responsible for it, wherever it occurred. And there is the technical possibility STM may have intentionally changed it over to Exposure in order to try and defame and frame RF/DP – I’m not saying he did it (I have no evidence of that at this time), – I’m saying it would be possible for him or someone working for him to do it.  The same with the same website’s listings showing there are other Checkpoint Press titles allocated against Exposure Publishing too –


So whoever responsible for this listing, and whatever their motives for doing it, it could not possibly be RF or DP who did it. How on earth can RF or DP be responsible for this – titles they have zip control over?! How on earth can RF or DP possibly be blamed for this German website listing, as Manning is clearly implying?! This yet again, is smear for sheer smear’s sake by him. He knows the truth. But not all others reading his trash do. And it’s also true the public are lazy and are unlikely to investigate detailed smear like this, especially because the self publishing industry has such a bad reputation anyway, so it’s guilty til proven innocent in their minds as fars DP goes.

But actually, if people actually think about this for a moment – the fact that this has happened with books that everybody can see RF and DP had no control over whatsoever (and no financial interest in), openly exonerates RF and her company and dispels all Manning’s “evidence” about both alleged occasions – showing it for what it is: complete nonsense. It also yet again underlines Manning’s continued lies and false charges.

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Diggory Press Were Taken To Court Over A £10 Courier Charge

In a previous post, I mentioned, among other cases, one of the Diggory Press court claims that had not succeeded that was linked to rival publisher Manning’s ongoing campaign of smear and harassment against Diggory Press.

“8PZ00098, author name Karina Kantas. This must be the most petty case of the lot, quibbling over DP asking for £10 to redirect her books to a new address after having stored them for free for her for months after they’d been returned by the courier for persistent non collection despite cards left for the author. This author or their representative did not turn up at the first court allocation hearing or apologise for their absence. Case was dropped Aug/Sept 08.”

I have been released to post some supporting evidence regarding this.

Here’s the initial delivery note, proving the books were printed and shipped to Karina Kantas’ address in Greece on 21st June 2007. (Personal details have been blacked out.)

The next picture shows one of the many courier’s notes on the returned box of books. It’s all Greek to me but it’s evidently a courier’s sticker, and I’m guessing it was the depot in Greece that handled the box of books.

And here’s some more stickers from the returned box of books. If you magnify it you can see who it was sent to (Karina Kantas) under the layers of courier stickers the prove this box has bounced around a bit. The sticker in yellow gives a date in July 2007, and says the reason for the box of books being returned to Diggory Press Ltd in England was because the courier had tried to deliver and failed, and despite three courier cards being left, they had not been contacted and the books not picked up.

Karina Kantas was informed by Diggory Press of the box’s return, and then asked what she wanted done with the box. She asked for the books to be sent to a new address linked to her in England. Diggory Press asked for £10 to cover the courier charges as in these circumstances they are charged by the courier to send to a third address. Karina Kantas refused to pay this paltry amount, and the rest, as they say, is history….

Manning filled in the court paperwork on this court claim, signed it and also paid for it. The only case that was more pathetic than this was the customer who was not even a customer claiming £250 for a computer disc sent by normal mail!

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Manning Proved To Have Lied About Court Judgments Entered Against Diggory Press

Compare the facts given in a previous article, List of the Diggory Press fallen, to what Manning for rival publisherCheckpoint Press said on November 4th 2008 to his authors’ list –

“Naturally I cannot go into too much detail, but I can report that some County Court Judgments have already been issued against Diggory / Mrs Franklin, and although she continues to try to manipulate the legal system to avoid accountability, we know that one outstanding judgment in the amount of over £1,300 UK pounds was paid this past week – under a certain amount of duress of course.. I know certain persons on this list were awaiting confirmation that Judgments had been issued and enforced – so I hope those persons can now use this information to move ahead with their own plans in regard to their business dealings with Diggory.”

This is what he said in December 08 –

“Several aggrieved authors have already taken independent action via the Small Claims Court in order to secure the monies owed to them, and despite Mrs Franklin’s increasingly desperate attempts to stall or circumvent the process, some are reporting success. Approximately three weeks ago for example, one County Court Judgment was enforced against Diggory Press to the tune of around £1,400 UK pounds.”

This is a barefaced lie as can be proven by anybody as County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) are a matter of record, very easy to check. NOT ONE CASE AGAINST DP HAS WON. They don’t have any CCJ’s against them as a business, and Rosalind Franklin does not have any CCJ’s against her personally. STM is not only lying about the fact there are successful judgments to encourage others to sue Diggory Press, but lying that this money had been paid “under duress” to even further smear Rosalind Franklin’s character. What a piece of work he is!

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The First Unauthorised Court Claim against Diggory Press by Manning

Manning  entered a claim against rival self publishing business Diggory Press in the Bodmin small claims court, according to at least two of the named parties themselves, without the named party’s knowledge or permission.

The first claim, for the record, was also for over and above the amount originally paid to Diggory Press. And the second claim was from someone who wasn’t even a Diggory Press customer.

I have deleted some identifying details for privacy reasons. However, all this information (and more) is available on the court records re case 8PZ00097,  author’s initials J.C.  The other known case being number 8PZ00093, author’s initials V.M.K. So that’s at least 2 unauthorised claims that are known about among the “Diggory 17”.

The letter below was sent to the courts and to Diggory Press in September 2008 from the “named author” J.C. when according to him he FIRST became aware of the action lodged by Manning in January 2008 in J.C.’s name:-

I think that’s pretty clear.

I’ve been informed that in the last few weeks J.C. is alleging Manning is now threatening him, apparently trying to get J.C. to retract his statements to the police and to the courts on STM entering unauthorised fraudulent claims.

This is very serious stuff.

You might also want to see the post on Who paid the court fees.

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