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Diggory Press v Stephen T Manning Court Case. DIGITAL FILES – THEFT AND EXTORTION

One of the many unreasonable demands that Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Dooagh Village, Achill Island, Eire has made of Diggory Press Ltd is that “his” digital files are “returned” to him.

Before we investigate this bogus claim, a quick explanation is needed as to what these digital files are:

Stephen T Manning hired Diggory Press Ltd to make his manuscript “print ready” for the printers. This involved Diggory Press creating a front and rear cover and spine for the title, and making sure the title’s cover was the right format, size and print resolution. It involved placing a proper book barcode on it, and working on the book interior, again ensuring it was the right size with fonts correctly embedded at the correct dpi, and so on and so forth. These digital files for the cover and text interior were then checked over and authorised by Manning, and were then sent on to the digital printers to print Manning’s book “on demand’.

Digital files have value because of all the “man hours” of labour behind them in creating them during pre publication work. Even in a digital age, the costs for typesetting, cover art and other such pre production work can be very expensive. Most firms you’d be lucky to get change out of £500 for a very basic service from them – and this would not be counting in the costs of corrections, where each and every correction, however small, can easily cost a minimum of £50 a time.

Digital files also have value in their future potential. Because they are needed to digitally produce and print a book (or ebook), they are an asset because of the potential royalties on any book sales produced by using these digital files.

Everybody in the printing and publishing process knows the value of digital files  – especially the self publishing author.

A few printers or agents may offer significantly discounted price pre-publication work to create digital files for authors or publishers, provided that the digital files they produce for the author or publisher are only used by and through their print services. They’ll often have a minimum amount of copies the author has to buy to recoup what profit was “lost” at the pre production stage, and/or have a minimum contract and tie-in to cover themselves in the future to ensure the author has to come back to them for more books.

So even though the content of the book (e.g. the story) is fully the author’s, and it is his or her copyright, and is (usually) his or hers to use as they wish and even have printed and produced elsewhere, the cut-price digital files produced by the printer or agent on the author’s behalf are not the author’s property.

So digital files produced in such a way are NOT the author’s property. And they would not be ‘returned’ to the author, as they were never ‘given’ by the author in the first place.

A printer or agent would not be “seizing and highjacking” the title (as Manning wrongly claims Diggory Press did) by refusing to “return” digital files when there was a parting of ways, nor would they be “making extortive demands” (ditto, Manning) by asking a reasonable market price for the digital files so the author could freely use them anywhere else he wanted to in the future.

To explain this a little bit more clearly for technophobes – it’s rather like if you go and get something printed at an old fashioned printers (i.e. a non digital printers that use print plates). Even though the printer may design your item of stationery for you, and then create print plates especially for your stationery, and then print off your stationery items using these same print plates, you as this printer’s customer would have no right of ownership to the valuable print plates he used to produce your item. You’d only have rights to the end item, the actual stationery produced. You could not take that printer’s plates to use at another printers for a new print run! Unless of course, you bought the plates from the first printers by separate negotiation. (It’s possible also that the printer’s design for your stationery would be copyrighted, so if you produced ‘knock off’ items on your photocopier or at another printers you could also be breaching the printer’s copyright and breaking the law.)

Manning took Rosalind Franklin personally (not the Diggory Press Ltd company she worked for) to the small claims court, suing her for “his” digital files along with a load of other concocted nonsense he’d made up to smear her. This was part of Manning’s ongoing harassment against Rosalind, an openly Christian businesswoman.

The small claims court is a civil (not criminal court) where anyone can attempt to sue anyone else for pretty much anything  – it does not mean their claim has any truth or substance to it whatsoever, or is even against the right person to being with. (Manning even had the brazenness to claim relief from court fees to make his abusive, fictitious and harassing claims, but that’s another story.)

So anyway there was a court case between Manning and Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press where a judge heard evidence about Manning’s digital files claim.

Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd when giving evidence on this issue explained it to the court by equating it to a professional wedding photographer taking photos at a wedding. The photographer takes “your pictures”, using your face, in your environment at your wedding, having been ordered by you and paid for by your money; and he’s working on your behalf in response to your specific requests. You are entitled to purchase pictures taken under this deal from the photographer as many times as you like in the future, however you would NOT be entitled to have outright ownership of the negativescontaining “your images” of “your occasion” (unless this was separately stipulated in the contract). And you would also be technically breaking the photographer’s copyright if you tried to bypass the photographer and get prints of his work elsewhere, or otherwise tried to copy it by scanning it or photocopying it. In such a way, Rosalind Franklin successfully argued, digital files were like the negatives of the book, and the author had no rights to demand them for free, especially and even more so when the contract between Diggory Press Ltd and Manning clearly stipulated that digital files remained the property of the publisher and would have to be purchased by separate negotiation.

Under such circumstances, any newly-wed trying to sue his wedding photographer for “his” negatives, and any author trying to sue the printers for “his” print plates would be laughed out of court – rather as Manning was, the judge ruling in Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press’s favour in November 2009 that Manning had no right to the digital files Diggory Press had worked on for him  – which, of course, Manning had known all along anyway.

The evidence illustrates Manning had not been innocently mistaken. The abundant evidence shows that Manning knew the files were not his to keep from day one. This is shown in his own emails on the issue before his failed extortion attempt, as well as the clear contract between him and Diggory which was not in tiny print, plus there is more damning evidence from his own Checkpoint Press publishing website which I’ll go into shortly. Also, IF these digital files were Manning’s property, then once the finalised files had been checked over and authorised by Manning, Manning would have then used these files directly with the printers for himself instead of continuing to use Diggory Press as the middleman once the publishing process was over, as he did in fact do. He would not have placed orders for books with DP but with the printers direct instead. So his behaviour for many months after the files were finished for him makes no sense unless he is lying now, which we, of course, assert.

Rosalind Franklin has consistently stated to the courts and the police that Manning is not innocent – he is a criminal, a serial blackmailer who was trying to extort these valuable files along with some money from Diggory Press, with the threat to smear her and her business if she did not give into his unreasonable demands.  She refused, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Diggory Press as a company, and RF as a person, have had one of the most sustained, lying, hateful and vindictive orchestrated smear campaigns conducted against them possible. This is in addition to everything else behind the scenes such as death threats, And for what? All for Manning’s greed – and a sick pleasure at taunting and punishing his prey for not giving into him, boasting he is teaching them a lesson.  Even though Manning’s first alleged extortion attempt failed, Manning is allegedly carrying on lying, smearing, threatening, bullying, intimidating and harassing his prey with the hope that she will crack and bow under all the relentless pressure and pay him off.

Manning by his writings demonstrates an evident hatred against professing evangelical Christians like Rosalind Franklin so this may be an additional motive for his harassment. Certainly Manning taunts her regularly calling her deluded for holding her professed beliefs. Manning has revealed he hated that Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press helped produce a Christian charity’s “non tolerant” book which showed up religious cults and sects including the Unification church (the Moonies) to which Manning and his spouse (that he was married to in a Moonie mass wedding ceremony) have had long term associations. So who knows all this criminal’s additional motives in this campaign other than ‘pure’ greed for filthy lucre and personal ambition.

The ironic thing for all their vilification is that Diggory Press Ltd had been so good to Manning and had significantly undercharged him. Rosalind Franklin personally had gone more than the extra mile with Manning at a tiny price, and had graciously put up with him taking a lot of liberties even before he made his extortive demands. She personally, and the company, gave an excellent service at a fraction of all the other firms out there – doing literally ten times more for authors, at literally ten times less the price charged by most other self publishing operators. It was no wonder that in a tainted industry Diggory Press shone and had such an impeccable reputation, and no wonder they were growing so rapidly with so many repeat customers. Until Manning started to smear them, that is.

For a web based business dependant on getting custom through the web, mud sticks. And one malicious man can pretend to be many people from the safety of his computer, and make it appear something has gone on to “the many” that has not even happened to the one. Diggory Press WERE too good to be true, but only because Rosalind was a mug and charged too little for what she did. But for those what suspected it was too good to be true, when they heard the mud they were all too inclined to believe it.

In addition to all Manning’s lies against Diggory Press and Rosalind Franklin and any other innocents caught in the path – hundreds and hundreds of Manning lies, ever evolving, constantly contradicting –  and an ongoing barrage of other dirty tricks, threats and harassment, Manning did dirty things like entering multiple false claims against Diggory Press Ltd in the small claims court (alleging anything damaging he could make up), and then going to the press and saying “Diggory Press have all these claims against them for fraud, theft, abuse etc etc  ..” and the press printed that as fed to them by Manning without checking it out. This sounded terrible and did make their name mud, but what the reckless press did not report was all these claims were all nonsense claims entered and paid and sponsored for by Manning, operator of a wannabe rival business, Checkpoint Press, and that none of these claims had any truth or substance to them – some of these claims even used false names!

Some of these claims were so bogus it was laughable (e.g. the person, “VK’ who was not even a customer claiming £250 for the loss of an unsolicited CD disc she’d supposedly sent into DP), – laughable claims that is, if it had not had such a devastating affect on Rosalind and her business, and also the genuine Diggory Press customers who suffered because of Manning’s criminal and perjurious activity which in time affected all of them.

Anyway, here is the evidence from Manning’s own Checkpoint Press website. (You can click on any of the images to enlarge them). The screenshots are evidence that Manning is well aware about who owns digital files in the publishing process. Here is what Manning says to HIS own prospective self publishing authors about digital files – taken over three different screenshots –  so he doesn’t just say it one time. He obviously knows the custom and is not an innocently mistaken author! What a total menace he is – and a hypocrite. It’s one rule for him, and another rule for anyone else.

Screenshot 1 from Checkpoint Press, Achill Island

Screenshot 2 from Checkpoint Press, Achill Island

Screenshot 3 from Checkpoint Press, Achill Island

This article was written by Sleuth for Truth, Nov 10th 2009


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Continued threats from Stephen T Manning, bully, liar, perjurer and attempted extortionist

The IP address on this comment from Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Achill Island, has been edited for “privacy’ reasons, but needless to say it is Manning publicly threatening and intimidating Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd – once again.

And Stephen T Manning is threatening all his other victims, and even the supporters of these victims; people whose only ‘crime’ has been to dare to stand against Manning, a proven corrupted liar, perjurer, bully, harasser and extortionist by telling their own side of events.

Even those taking a neutral stance have been attacked and smeared with more lies – those who have even ‘dared’ to question the dubious “doctor phd” and “reverend’ on his fishy, contradictory and very defamatory stories about Diggory Press, Rosalind Franklin, Kingdom Come Publishing, Deborah G Hunter, PageFree Publishing, Kim and Gary Blagg, and Miriam Franklin at endtimespropheticwords etc and ask for actual evidence for any of his allegations about any of these parties (and the others).

Even the place which provided a place for the victims to speak when they were being censored elsewhere is now being threatened and harassed by Manning – as per this recent comment he left here (the IP address has been censored for privacy reasons):

This is very strange indeed when it is coming from someone who demands freedom of speech to spread his own lies, and who abuses internet forums, blogs and boards and websites and the email system – and the small claims court system – with his spamming lies and bullying, harassing comments to try and intimidate at least one of his victims (we know about) to pay him off so he will stop lying about them and harassing and will go away and leave them alone. But when people at last stand up to him, when they won’t pay him off as he demands, and when they don’t lie and they don’t just rely on their word against his but provide the actual evidence he has lied again and again, Manning can’t stand it. He’s exposed for what he is. A liar and a criminal.

(Yes, a criminal, because he has committed criminal offences, including perjury under oath and attempt to and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. And when one of his co-conspirators, Simpson, admitted under oath in a court of law recently to forging damning documents against Diggory Press Ltd – and she only admitted it because she was caught in the act and was cornered – she brazenly dared to say: ‘Yes but …. I don’t think that’s relevant’. So Manning has lied about what really went on at the small claims court hearing in November, surprise, surprise.)

Stephen T Manning cannot stand the truth about him finally being told. Manning went straight to the host of this site and tried to get it pulled down citing ‘privacy’ reasons. Only because of our using his full NAME in posts about him (strange too when he has left comments here using his full name!) This is also particularly rich when it comes from the man who spams his name repeatedly all over the net and loves being in the limelight, as long as it is only his monotones diatribe telling his own many contradictory concocted versions of events.

I encourage the web community to stand up against this man – he has got away with his crimes for far too long already, and has left far too many victims in the wake of his trail.

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The Michigan Attorney General and PageFree Publishing

Has Manning been misdirecting authors about PageFree as well as Diggory Press? You can read some comments he made here on this link. These are not the only comments made either.

Manning allegedly attempted to blackmail PageFree Publishing before moving onto blackmailing Diggory Press, (and PageFree like Diggory Press refused to play with him so allegedly got smeared and harassed like Diggory did).

Despite allegations I found to the contrary made by Manning, I get totally different information to his when I checked it out by going direct to the horse’s mouth – in this case, the Attorney General’s office in Michigan.

23 just coincidentally happens to be the same number of  false fraudulent claims Manning has been responsible in getting entered against Diggory Press to date. Maybe STM’s got an obsession about numbers, in addition to an obsession about Rosalind Franklin, a director of Diggory Press Ltd?

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Manning’s Campaign Against PageFree Publishing

PageFree Publishing Inc is another publisher that Manning  is known to “campaign” against because he isn’t given what he demands.

This link below is from 2006. Kim Blagg, one of the owners of PageFree Publishing, is talking about Manning (STM) as can be seen by cross-referencing his name with what’s also out there on the web.


April 12 2006


I read your site: PageFree Publishing Inc; POD Authors Beware! I received this from Bragg:

“There is no suit, Brenda, evidenced by the fact that if there were, any details would be kept in court and not posted on a silly website such as you’re looking at. The author of that complaint had his book in release for six months before he posted that. He emailed to say that we either refund his money and give him his artwork (which we created) – or he would post something nasty and try to keep authors from going with us.

Thus, he isn’t concerned with anyone else if we refund his $299 – just if we don’t. We don’t have the benefit of face to face meetings with folks – this particular guy lives in Japan. This gentleman has posted lies, but we don’t believe in publicly arguing as it harms our other authors by reputation and the industry overall. If you look at the way he posted, arranging his “points” by increasing line lengths, it may give you insight into his emotional stability. We believe in the freedom of speech, but are saddened when folks use it as a terroristic weapon.

We have over a thousand books in release and you can check amazon to see how many authors, such as Janet Elaine Smith, have multiple books out with us. I can assure you that every company out there has negative reports – that doesn’t mean they are correct. Thank you for taking the time to approach me about this.

We are a Preferred Service Provider to Xerox Corporation and get the referrals of all their authors who respond to their multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for the digital printing equipment which produces these books. We are a Preferred Provider for Lightning Source, the printer for Ingram who distributes to 20,000 bookstores. We have been in business with PageFree since 1997 and have a cumulative 50 years experience. You can also check the popular website, who rates all the companies – we are in the top four. The top company is the one that site’s owner published with.

You should follow your heart, Brenda. If you don’t feel comfortable working with us, don’t. I appreciate that you let me know, though.

Kim Blagg

PageFree Publishing, Inc.”

Some people would call STM’s behaviour “blackmail”. In fact, some have. Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press speaking of STM’s interactions with her company said to STM in early 2007 –

“…. you make totally unsubstantiated claims, and you incite the ignorant and possibly vulnerable also to be party to your malevolent spite. While they may be ignorant, you know full well what you are doing, and threatened us with this campaign of lies and harassment at the end of last year in a bid to blackmail us.”

This reminds me of the mentality spoken about on the post Manning’s academic fraud. STM conducted a campaign against WAUC president Maxine Asher because his American diploma mill doctorate was not accepted by a school he wanted to go to – even though he admitted being told this beforehand, but thinking he’d be a special exception to the rule. Somebody commentating on his behaviour said –

“Your claims are unwarranted because you should have known that credits from an agency not recognized by the US Dept. of Education are NOT transferable, nor can one apply for and receive studentloans. Just because you did not get what you wanted, you conducted your biased, ‘half-assed’ investigation, which served your needs. And now you want to play crusader for the rest of the world. … your comments [are] biased & self serving…..”

I think they called it right.

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Manning – Qualified Christian Minister or Something Else?

Manning (STM) has the right to believe in and practice any religion he wants to. It’s between STM and God whether STM chooses to accept or reject the free gift of eternal life offered in God’s son, Jesus Christ. It’s between him and God whether STM chooses to repent for his sins and turn away from them, or whether he remains in them.

In the meantime, until STM is called to account before his Maker, I’m not going to stoop down to STM’s level and make barbed comments about his religious faith, openly mock his religion and call him delusional (as STM has about the Christians he’s targeted), regardless of what he does or does not believe in.

However, what I will do is mention when there’s yet more deception afoot, and more contradictions coming from STM’s direction. Because this is yet more evidence of STM’s ongoing deceptiveness. What I shall mention here highlights in neon marker-pen that STM is not a reliable believable witness in the many accusations he brings against all these women: Rosalind Miriam Franklin of Diggory Press, Miriam Franklin at Endtimespropheticwords, Kim Blagg at PageFree Publishing, Deborah G Hunter at Kingdom Come Publishing, and Maxine Klein Asher at WAUC.

I’ve already shown in a previous article ( that Dr Manning, Ph.D. is not a Dr, and not a Ph.D. despite his bragging.

In addition to masquerading as a doctor of counselling psychology, STM also claims to be a qualified “Christian minister”. But he’s not that either. He’s actually a Unificationist – or, in other words, he’s a Moonie. STM’s ties to the Moonies can be traced back many years.

Moonies are not Christian. They’re a notorious religious cult, known for their brainwashing, underhand tactics and deceptiveness. They have many front groups to snare the unwary. Most people will have heard about the Moonie mass weddings where complete strangers are married to each other, the partnerships chosen at will by self-appointed “True Parent” and Moonie Messiah, “Father”, aka Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

It seems STM may have been of one of the thousands married off in a mass ceremony held in a football stadium. I’ve been told by someone emailing in from Achill Island (the place in Ireland where STM lives) that STM is in an arranged marriage to a Japanese woman, Norika, who’s also from a “religious sect”.  The research I’ve done cross-checking this information with already known about information agrees. It’s his right to

I’ve already pointed out in the academic fraud article that STM was at U.T.S. (Unification Theological Seminary in New York). His studies there may have led him to believe he’s “qualified”, although, as I also pointed out, UTS has had issues with accreditation, and by STM’s own admission it was “easier and laxer” than a notorious diploma mill.

More improtantly, as Christians know, the qualifications for a Christian minister even coming through a sound solid biblical institution (which UTS is not) are not exclusively degree-based. Character, calling, gifting and faith is key. And STM’s character, as well as his beliefs, disqualifies him from being called a “Christian minister”.

Before someone says it’s possible to go to U.T.S. and not be a Moonie, while no Christian would go there and it’s no training for Christian ministry, it could be true that people of other faiths go there. However, STM more than just studied at UTS, by his own account, he embraced the faith. This is what STM said in 1999 in his “True Parents” newspaper (link) –

“—- Manning has just completed his second trimester at UTS. He runs a health and fitness club … he writes “As Unificationists, it is appropriate that …”

So he called himself a Unificationist ten years ago.

And from around the same period (link):

“The rite of passage into UTS life continued in the Student Lounge as elder students hosted a welcome party for the new 10. — Manning from Ireland, who entered UTS in the Fall term, was a lively emcee as the new students introduced themselves by sharing personal testimonies. All were treated to music from the UTS Band, including a rousing “Blue Suede Shoes.” The evening was brought to a close with prayer at the Holy Ground, making this offering of a new beginning in the students’ lives complete.

December 28th was a memorable day in UTS history when Dr.Shimmyo and Lady General Kim, representing our True Parents, conducted the dedication of a Holy Ground. Of course the whole UTS campus is“holy ground” as True Father has invested so much shimjung, energy and time here, but an actual Holy Ground site had not previously been established. The “Rock of Decision,” which marks the site where Father decided to establish UTS in 1974, serves as the center of the Holy Ground. About 30 members of the community prayerfully watched Dr. Shimmyo as he followed the directions in the Traditions book on establishing a Holy Ground… the establishment of this Holy Ground has sparked a spiritual revival at UTS…Yasuchi Masamoto, a junior student remarked “These are the most exciting and deep prayers I have ever experienced.”

The ties to the Moonies continue long past STM’s time at UTS in Barrytown, N.Y. as STM is known to have lived at various other addresses connected to The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity over the years since.

In addition to his connections with the Moonies, as we speak in 2009 STM claims to have found “new truths” that directly oppose Christianity. From a book review found on his Color of Truth website, written by one of his associates – (the same “—McGiveny” the man mentioned as STM’s “legal affairs adviser” in one of STM’s concocted rants on his website against Diggory Press/Rosalind Miriam Franklin presented to the unwary public as a “formal police complaint”) –

“Manning has uncovered some astounding facts during his research that will undoubtedly lead us to question many long-established beliefs and practices. “Indeed” .. says Manning, “such critical thinking is vital to our progression from a state of faith-based (but relative) ignorance of our spiritual-emotional-physical environment, into a higher state of collective awareness. Education is the key to that process, but we should remain ever alert that when dealing with academic theories, ‘expert’ opinions, or religious beliefs – that words are only metaphors. But Truth, on the other hand – is always her own witness.”

Looking at STM’s books show that he’s promoting a mix of eastern mysticism, paganism and New Age ideas. A second book of his is on sacred symbols and psychology. Archetypes and sacred symbols are found in witchcraft. In Wicca, sacred symbols are the primary means of reaching and transforming the deep mind.

STM is allowed to believe this and write about it. But this is not Christian thinking by any stretch of the imagination.

So there’s no way that STM is a “Christian”, let alone a “qualified Christian minister”.  This is important to say, not only to uncover the ongoing life of deception he leads, but because STM now lurks on Christian forums and is not upfront as to what he really is.

STM’s presence is most notable of late at From here, he seeks to smear and harass his targets who are open Christians, and encourages others to smear and harass his targets. Patsy Eastwood (Rahab) is all for it, as the present main target of their smear, Miriam Franklin at endtimespropheticwords, calls out the false prophets that Rahab supports for what they are – false.

From Rahab’s “Christian” site, STM’s malevolent influence is felt while he quotes scripture. His contact details are regularly promoted, and its very important that Christians visiting realise and wise up to who and what STM is and what his true agenda is.

Patsy Eastwood (Rahab) and blogger Ian Vincent (who also carries STM’s poison) have both been warned – by more than one person – that STM is associated with the Moonies and if nothing else, directing people to him/his sites could be dangerous for the spiritually weak. To date, they’ve both ignored their responsibilities and censored these warnings from appearing on their sites, while lying about and publicly deriding those who attempt to warn others. (Rahab and Ian Vincent also break the law in carrying or linking to illegal content. They’ve been warned of this but in defiance link to and post even more!) This is NOT Christian behaviour. I’d expect better behaviour from a hound dog.

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It’s Easy To Smear The Innocent If You’re So Inclined.

This article is a follow-on from Truth, Lies, Smears and Tears, an article about the unholy business going on at

One frequent reason for people believing the claims of the owner of Checkpoint Press Ltd, Eire, against the owner of a rival self publishing company, Diggory Press Ltd, is because of their belief Manning is not alone or unique in making his claims. They think many other people are saying the very same things as STM is about Diggory Press too. Because he says they are.

STM claims over a “hundred” of other authors are in his same exact position, having all been variously defrauded and abused at Diggory Press’s (DP’s) “evil” hands. Surely all these hundreds of people can’t all be wrong, people conclude. And the claims easily stick bearing in mind the bad rap the self publishing industry’s always had.

One of STM’s most recent soapboxes has been Look at what Patsy Eastwood (Rahab) said there on May 25th –

“The fact that there are 100 authors involved in the current suit says something.”

This claim is proved to be untrue, yet Rahab asserts it as ‘fact’. On what does she base her facts? On Manning’s claims. That’s it. When she’s provided with the real verifiable facts in this case, Rahab ignores these facts, censors the truth being told, cover ups afterwards and mocks and attacks the truth-bringers.

Rahab then continues in her comment-

“If they were not real people, the UK Courts would have already dismissed the case. So we have complaints from multiple sources, not just Mr. Manning.”

According to who? Mr Manning again and only Mr Manning. Or ‘Dr’ Manning as he likes to fraudulently call himself.

The facts are, nowhere near 100 court cases have been lodged against Diggory Press and/or Rosalind Miriam Franklin (RMF) one of its staff members, also one of its directors.  100 is a wild over-the-top lie as the real number of cases brought is a fraction of that figure, and an even tinier fraction of this small fraction of cases are still ongoing awaiting a hearing.  ETPW said 16 cases (84 short of STM and Rahab’s figure) against DP/RMF, all of them bogus, and all of them directly linked to STM, were dismissed almost one year ago. Despite what STM has said to the contrary (to try and give himself credibilty and encourage others to file even more groundless lawsuits against DP as they think others are winning), not one single case has been found against DP. There also have been no criminal charges or prosecutions, which there would have been if there was the widespread fraud and deception at DP that STM claims there is.

Inquisitor, commenting on this site, has said of the 16 finished cases, one of the 16 wasn’t even a DP customer. ETPW has also mentioned the 16 cases’ ludicrousness.

“Some of these old chucked out claims …  include somebody who was not even a customer of Diggory Press’s suing for £250 for a CD they supposedly sent via normal mail to the company, and another one suing for Diggory asking for £10 [15 dollars] to send a large box of books to a second address.”

What normal person takes a company to court over this?!

These are no ordinary court cases.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the courts and police have proof that STM entered small claims court cases against DP/RMF in other people’s names without these named parties’ knowledge or permission!

Then, months after the majority of the cases were thrown out, STM lied that these court cases were still ongoing! Only was it after ETPW busted him on this a few weeks ago is it that STM admitted the cases were no longer ongoing and came up with yet more lies and excuses about why they were no longer being pursued by the various “authors”.

STM has lied about what’s going on. He’s lied about how many people are involved and lied about who these people are and why the finished cases are finished. And he’s lied about many other things along the way. His personal hatred for the person he claims is ETPW is evident. Rahab has been told this yet still uses STM as her star witness. Because she hates ETPW too.

The Witness Matters

Rahab says to justify her rotten behaviour –

“I have posted the allegations. Every “defense” I have received all brings up the same points – an attack against Mr. Manning. I’m not going to post them. Either the allegations are true or false. It doesn’t matter who and what he is. This is about Ms. Franklin, not Mr. Manning.”

While blocking all these alleged “attacks” against STM, Rahab shows her partiality and hypocrisy in allowing all and every attack against ETPW, with anything goes. She even joins in the circus act with unsubstantiated claims of her own, which she also refuses to provide proof for even when directly asked. What double standards!

Patsy Eastwood (Rahab) has said elsewhere it doesn’t matter if STM is “Satan himself”, which is troubling, because by her own testimony she’d knowingly accept and pass on Satan’s “facts” without checking them out first, to smear, damage, hurt, harm and harass someone. Someone whom she evidently hates with a passion because ETPW shows up Rahab’s idols for what they are – false and not from God! Then, to make matters even worse, Rahab censoring and publicly mocking those who come seeking the truth. Strange and shocking behaviour indeed for a Christian.

Of course it matters who STM is and it is about STM. The thrust of the post at Rahab’s is based on STM’s allegations against ETPW, and only his allegations. When asked for the proof, STM evades or changes his story, and Rahab his sidekick conveniently censors all questioners.

Who the witness is is important. If they’re found to cloak themself in deception and their testimony is full of more holes than a sieve, then they obviously can’t be trusted. This is basic truth 101 even an atheist should know and apply. However, Patsy Eastwood ‘Rahab’  is a Christian, in a form of Christian leadership if we believe her claims about herself, so should have higher standards than the worldly standards which she’s so miserably failed.

Anyone who investigates this properly knows that STM is full of baloney. That matters. It matters a lot in this case that STM runs a rival self publishing business. It matters that he makes inaccurate claims about publishing and book selling in general in order to smear DP – claims that he knows are untrue because of his job! It matters a lot that STM has made similar claims before to others (as ‘Inquisitor’ has said doing a copy and paste job with the string of claims). It matters that he’s made wild and unsubstantiated claims in the past. It matters that he’s so personal and vicious against RMF. It matters that he’s wrongly fingered other parties and accused them, and once proved he’s wrong doesn’t retract or apologise. It matters that STM makes false claims about himself as to his religious and academic qualifications. It all matters.

The fact STM’s stories keep changing, and he’s proved to have lied and misrepresented himself on many occasions is the evidence one needs to know as to his character and claims. He shouldn’t be listened to. RMF/DP’s testimony has never varied, but STM’s has numerously. The truth doesn’t vary.

The true story is found by investigating STM, not RMF/DP.

The so-called “attacks” on Manning, that Rahab has with such partiality been censoring, were (I’m guessing)  were calling him on his “facts”, and were asking for his proof and asking awkward questions.

To give just one example of the contradictions going on at Rahab’s – (this was pointed out by me but my comment was censored and labelled an “attack” on STM) – Rahab’s gang claims RMF/DP has not answered the courts. Apart from this not making sense as the cases would have been judged by default in STM’s favour if that were true, STM had claimed elsewhere that RMF/DP answered the courts in a ten page document in ‘tiny red font’. Both claims cannot be true! STM also said there’s counterclaims in existence – these cannot come into being without “answers” being lodged by RMF/DP in the courts! So in this one instance alone, there’s evidence of lies! A  liar forgets what he says and contradicts himself frequently without even realising the contradictions in his accounts. A truthteller cannot contradict like this. All the evidence you need to judge this case and decide the real bad guy is in realising this fact.

Using The Small Claims Court To Smear The Innocent

Rahab then continues in her ignorance by saying –

“If his suit was frivolous, the courts would have already dismissed it.”

Rahab evidently knows nothing of UK small claims court procedures, where one can claim anything about anybody, however untrue, and the case will still get heard. It costs next to nothing – only £30 (around US$45) – to lodge a claim. Because it’s so cheap it’s open to abuse and STM is mocking the system even more by claiming fees remission so it costs him nothing. (Fees remission when he says he’s an “adjunct professor”?!)

If I were so inclined, I could pick names of strangers out of the phone book and harass them through the court claiming they stole from me with little to no legal or financial comeback falling on me even if I’m proved to be a liar when the case is finally heard. If I lose I don’t need to pay the other side’s expenses, and if I win, I’m laughing. I get to have my fun anyway, so I don’t care!

In STM’s case, the court haven’t yet heard his case, so how can the judge decide whether its frivolous and thereby dismiss it when it’s not even at that stage?! A vexatious litigant such as STM can drag things on and on for a long time, making the other party’s life hell, without the case even getting to the stage of being heard. Such is the wonderful English legal system.

“If his suit was frivolous, the courts would have already dismissed it.”

By this logic RMF/DP’s case against STM suing him for fifty thousand pounds for trade dirty tricks etc cannot be frivolous or it would have been dismissed too.

Creating The Illusion of Many To Validate The False

Few people reading STM’s claims will even consider that the claims there are ‘hundreds’ of others in STM’s position may not actually be true. It takes a pretty shrewd person to even consider that “all these other authors” could be an elaborate fabrication of STM’s.

The alleged multiple others, all giving STM’s claims apparent credence, seems to be the most common hook to reel in the unwary fish on “Dr” Manning’s deceptive reel. However, it’s fundamentally flawed logic that allows oneself to be reeled into believing STM’s claims on this basis alone, and, as I’ll show, the trail leading to the conclusion there are  others when there could be none is very easy for anybody to deceptively create if they want to.

The Self Publishing Industry Is Notoriously Mistrusted

Rumours are very easily created, very difficult to control, and on the internet they spread like wildfire. When a business is in an industry sector that’s notoriously mistrusted (such as the self publishing industry) then it’s even easier for any muck spread to be readily believed as “fact”, regardless of actual truth.

Because of the type of industry, the doubts and insecurities malicious suggestions prey on is already there in the back of people’s minds. The distrustful, cynical, deluded or previously burned are only waiting for an excuse to believe the worst about a self publishing company that seems to be too good to be true. And this appears to be  the case with Diggory Press.

If someone tells you that your fascinating autobiography about Japanese goat herders that nobody else wanted to publish has really sold a thousand copies, and Diggory Press has paid you royalties for only the ten copies they claim have sold, then who’s your heart wanting to believe? The retired elderly and self important bores that you find propping up the bar of many an English country pub on a Sunday afternoon are easy prey to swallow the suggestion they’ve been ripped off on royalties by their self publishing company. They’ll honestly think their book is good and is something everyone wants in their Christmas stocking. If someone then tells them their publisher is a cheat and “hundreds” of other authors are suing them with success, and then offers to help fill the court paperwork out for the poor defrauded author so they can get their dues too (and even pay for it), then innocent but naive law-abiding citizens knowing no better get dragged into someone else’s elaborate game.

Just Because Someone Says Something Doesn’t Make It True

Before I specifically show how easy it is to smear someone (don’t try this at home), I’ll state the obvious;  just because someone says something it doesn’t make that something they say to be true.

They could be either:

  • deliberately lying
  • innocently mistaken
  • intentionally led astray by another
  • not quite right in the head

Even if a particular crowd say something together as one, it still doesn’t mean what the mob says is right or true.

There’s lots of people on the web with many wild ideas. A significant enough percentage of anyone, who, when they gather together as the internet enables, will swear black is white whatever the evidence is to the contrary.

So even if there’s other people (people that genuinely exist and are not just concocted creations from the strokes of a malicious person’s pen) saying the same thing, it still doesn’t make what’s said true.

These people could all be:

  • deliberately lying
  • innocently mistaken
  • intentionally led astray by other/s
  • not quite right in the head

And also in a group there’s the Chinese Whispers factor and people egging each other on or showing off to each other or otherwise trying to please.

The saying “there’s no smoke without fire” is an unreliable expression as a rule of thumb, and it’s certainly unfitting a Christian who should not have anything to do with rumour unless it is substantiated.  While gossip and tittle-tattle can be true in full or in part, it also can be completely false. Unless there’s evidence that what’s claimed it’s true, it shouldn’t be believed or spread around on any account.

In STM’s case, when we investigate who all these many other defrauded people are exactly, we hit dead ends. The few trails we do find all lead back to STM as their ‘agent provocateur’. The claims against Diggory Press are almost exclusively anonymous, they’re almost exclusively on STM’s website (he’s a rival publisher so can hardly be described as neutral), and it’s obvious anyone could magic similar long lists of various grumbles and complaints out of thin air if they’ve the time, inclination and lack of integrity to do so.

Just because STM claims he has numerous people saying x, y, z about Diggory Press does not mean that real people are saying x, y, z! (And even if some were, it still does not make them right.)

How To Smear The Innocent On The Web

I’ve already mentioned how anyone can blatantly abuse the small claims court system. By lodging multiple small claims against any one person or business, I can cost them many thousands in legal fees, tie them up forever in paperwork, give them endless stress and hassle, and get them such bad press they’ll never work again. And for all this, I can get off scot-free, and even benefit if I run a rival firm in the same field. This cannot be right!

On the internet, where STM’s smear has primarily been carried out, anyone can be anyone, and claim anything about anyone else using numerous aliases to make it appear they have the weight of public opinion behind them. They can then appear to be one hundred or even one thousand to give themself extra credibility when they are actually only one.

Now let me show you how easy it is for an evil person to create difficulties for someone – anyone if they want to.

Let’s create a fictional case for example purposes only. For the sake of these examples I’m going to pretend to smear myself, Sleuth for Truth Ltd. Watch how easy it is.

(I checked as best as I could that there wasn’t a real company called Sleuth for Truth Ltd and didn’t come up with anything – but just for the sake of clarity, this is all pretend. No such company exists. I’m not a real Private Investigator, I’m not even from Kansas, Dorothy!)

So let’s just pretend Sleuth For Truth Ltd is a real company based in Wichita, Kansas. They have an impeccable reputation as a P.I. agency, a booming balance sheet and get lots of clients and referrals because they do such excellent investigative work.

And let’s pretend they have a rival, McScammer P.I. Agency. I’m also going to play the other part in this drama and be the jealous owner of McScammer P.I. who wants more than a piece of Sleuth For Truth Ltd’s pie, they want all of their pie. And to do this they want to put them completely out of business. So McScammer P.I. decides to get real dirty.

As first stop, ‘McScammer’ may go to a site like or (both sites that STM’s used) and post the first complaint ever on the web about Sleuth For Truth Ltd. McScammer doesn’t need any evidence, he can say what he likes unchallenged and it’s there for all to see.

I don’t know if you can read the writing on this screenshot, but I’ve gone to and filed a specific complaint against Sleuth For Truth Ltd that potentially millions of customers and potential customers could find if the complaints went live. (I’m pretending Sleuth For Truth Ltd are based at suite 7, 10001 Enquirer Street, Wichita, Kansas. I made up they’re a bad company and the owner ‘Mr Sherlock Holmes’  took money from me and never did any work, and then he threatened me when I asked for my money back. I also wrote that I know other customers with sorry tales to tell about their experiences with Sleuth For Truth Ltd. “Don’t use them, Sleuth For Truth Ltd are a scam artist” I warn.

Of course none of it’s in the least bit true, McScammer is the real scammer, but how would you, the public, know that unless I told you? If you’re a potential new customer, just reading this one complaint would likely set a seed of doubt in your mind about the saintly Sleuth For Truth Ltd and most likely would encourage you to go to another P.I. agency ‘just in case’ – like the rival McScammer agency if my devilish scheme goes to plan!

However, I’m not finished yet in my dirty business. I log out and log back in pretending to be someone else. I post what looks like a second independent complaint against Sleuth For Truth Ltd. This time I pretend to be ‘Jayne Blogger’, and leave my email address for ‘all the others’ defrauded by Sleuth The Truth Ltd to contact me if they want to. Jayne is me, McScammer, but nobody’s going to know that.

Jayne Blogger writes that she got terrible service, and that the wicked Mr Sherlock Holmes, the owner of Sleuth For Truth Ltd, took advantage of her when she was at her most vulnerable. He milked her dry. Jayne claims there are many others who’ve been stiffed, and says to the first poster “let’s get together.” Jayne and the first alias can have a fake conversation online together with nobody reading the conversation being any the wiser.

Two complaints now, and this time the ‘evidence’ looks damning and even more convincing. What a dreadful company, one concludes on reading Jayne’s and the first blogger’s conversation. New customers seeing this won’t use them, and insecure worriers who are existing clients of Sleuth the Truth’s might start wondering if they’ve anything to worry about and consider using another company in future ‘just in case’.

Some people might stop there, but McScammer wants to completely close Sleuth For Truth Ltd down.  So he logs out and logs back in again under a third name, this time pretending to be a ‘Michael Jones’. This time, as well as continuing the same theme as ‘Jayne’ that Sleuth for Truth Ltd are crooks and abusers and terrible people, he says that the police are investigating them for ‘serious’ fraud and are going to close them down. This claim will really get the wind up people and few will actually check out whether it’s true or not – they’ll assume it is. After all, there’s two other independent complainants too, and there’s no smoke without fire!  But it’s all an elaborate lie. The more times McScammer tells it, in the more online identities, the more people will believe it and spread it.

It doesn’t even matter if not everybody believes my lies (at first). If the company I choose to smear have a big enough customer base, then just 1% of them biting will cause the company hell and tie them up in legal battles until kingdom come.

In the meantime, McScammer has his own website blasting his many alleged gripes against Sleuth For Truth Ltd to the world. He also has a long list of false complaints on there allegedly collected from ‘other Sleuth The Truth customers’.

By now, as McScammer, I’m actively encouraging others to complain about and even sue my rival, and I’m posting on any detective forum and board I can find using online numerous aliases. I keep on doing this until someone else other than me in all my guises bites. As someone will bite, if I persist long enough. It’s human nature.

This last screenshot illustrates a genuine customer posting “OMG I used these guys” and saying ‘I’m shocked to be reading this, what do I do now?’

If I did this for real as an internet psychology experiment, I could guarantee you that I’d eventually have other people posting their own complaints and commencing litigation, no matter how squeaky clean the company was and how little the litigant’s real-life experiences gave them justification to believe they’d really been stiffed by Sleuth for Truth – other than reading the experiences of others.

The person biting may be a stirrer or a nutcase who’ll say anything to join the conversation or get attention, they may be easily led and just comment, but I don’t care about that as my lies get out, get talked about and get spread.

Eventually, if the company I smear is big enough and is a web based business (as Diggory Press was), a genuine customer of the company as per this last screenshot is eventually going to believe it and start to get worried they’ve been conned too along with “all the others”. Of course there aren’t any others but they don’t know that.

They’ll contact ‘Jayne’ or ‘Michael’, or any of the other aliases, and McScammer in whatever guise can then wind this genuine customer up and encourage them to break their contracts, file police complaints and sue the company. As more genuine people are reeled in, they can encourage and spur on each other to action against this “dreadful company”, little realising they’ve all been scammed into doing this and their foundations for believing Sleuth for Truth are bad are false.

At some point, McScammer may even offer to help them with the court paperwork, being the kind person and consumer champion he claims to be. It doesn’t matter if that person doesn’t have a snowball chance’s in hell of succeeding in court as there’s no actual evidence, because if McScammer can encourage enough people to take action, he ties up his rival’s time and money in fighting these legal claims, costs them bucket-loads of cash in legal expenses, causes them lots of stress and hassle, and media will start reporting that Sleuth for Truth is being sued for x, y, z and their reputation will be shot to pieces forever. It’s true now, but it’s also not true as all is not it seems.

But McScammer doesn’t care, he’s laughing and his job is done.

McScammer with very little effort or cost has put a great company out of business as Sleuth For Truth Ltd don’t get any new customers, existing customers stop dealing with them and start suing them instead, trust and good faith is gone, and others start demanding their money back while capital and time is tied up in dealing with all the irate customers, litigation and media enquiries. Or Sleuth for Truth get so sick and stressed and discouraged they pack the whole thing in. All good for McScammer P.I. Agency’s rosy future – hopefully! Until the day, perhaps, that someone even more foul does the same thing to McScammer …

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Truth and Lies. Smears and Tears. Unchristian Behaviour.

I’m a Christian with a keen interest in truth and justice.

Some weeks ago, my attention was drawn to a particular “Christian” blog which made very disturbing reading. It made some extremely serious accusations against a major Christian blogger.

The minor Christian blogger doing the accusing was Pasty Eastwood at aka “Rahab” , and the major Christian blogger whom Patsy Eastwood/Rahab was accusing was Miriam Franklin aka “ETPW” at

As I looked into the claims on Patsy Eastwood’s blog a little more, it became increasingly apparent all was not as it seemed on the surface. A lot of unchristian behaviour was going on. All was not on the level. I grew increasingly disturbed at what I saw going on there.

Patsy Eastwood’s most damaging claims against “ETPW” were based on the claims of one man connected to Checkpoint Press self publishing company, Dooagh Village, Achill Island, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Manning (STM) claims to be a licensed ‘Christian minister’ but is actually a Unificationist. Or, in other words, he’s a Moonie.

Manning  also makes other misrepresentations about himself such as what his academic qualifications are – e.g. he doesn’t have an accredited earned doctorate, so he shouldn’t use the titles ‘Doctor’ or ‘Ph.D’ in association with his name. But he does.  This is deceptive and immoral. And it’s also illegal in many states and countries to fraudulently use these titles. Even if one did buy them from an American diploma mill.

(For anybody interested, you can get instantly ordained for free, or get your cat/dog/monkey ordained if you’re not particularly fussy about the “church” doing the ordaining. You can also purchase a Doctor of Divinity degree online for as little as a fifty dollar “offering” as per this site and numerous other such sites around the web. Check out ebay too. You can even become an archbishop! However these certificates are only good for fun because if you started passing yourself off as having a genuine doctorate you could, depending where you lived, get into trouble with the law.)

There’s some fundamental deception connected with Manning then, seen at once even without knowing the nitty gritty of this particular case and examining all the surrounding evidence.

For anybody to be able to so easily find such obvious deception at such an early stage of looking into STM’s claims obviously is troubling. It has to call anything ‘Doctor’ or ‘Reverend’ Manning says into serious question, certainly enough to scrutinise even more closely anything and everything he says.

After carefully reading all the things said on Rahab’s post, all the comments, and all the things linked to it by STM, I made my first comment at the end of Rahab’s post (using the online I.D. ‘WantingtheTruth’) requesting to see the evidence for all the said allegations.

As everybody knows, anybody can claim anything about anyone else without any of what is said being true. However, if these particular claims against ETPW are true then the evidence for it out there should be numerous. However, despite looking, I can see only claims. Easily said but not easily backed up unless actually true. And the more I look, the more I see contradictions in the stories reported, as well as evident deceptiveness in the prime accuser Manning.

My first comment on Patsy Eastwood’s post requesting evidence was polite, factual and to the point. Surely if the people at the Rahabsplace blog were interested in the truth coming out and in justice being done they’d delight to respond and show the world their evidence proving the guilt of ETPW beyond all question. But they didn’t.

Curiously they did not respond at all. My comment was not even allowed by Patsy Eastwood to be seen online at Rahabsplace! (And I have subsequently found I’ve been dissed on there for my effort, as have others who also tried to question their version of the ‘facts’.)

Only someone who’s got something to hide is afraid of showing their “evidence”.

Why were they so afraid of my questions that they wouldn’t even allow my questions to be seen by others? The answer deduced is because my questions point to the truth that other people may not be able to see – there’s no proof because it doesn’t exist. It’s smear for smear’s sake.

At this point I should also mention ETPW’s defence was not allowed to go on Rahab’s site, which was very unfair, gutless, partial, not to mention unchristian of Patsy Eastwood. Patsy Eastwood, third wave ‘evangelist’ and ‘church planter’ based in Albuquerque New Mexico, has evident issues with ETPW because of ETPW’s just criticisms of Todd Bentley based on the evidence. But that does not mean that Patsy Eastwood has the right to treat ETPW badly in retaliation by resorting to unjust criticism based on slander without any evidence.

Rahab didn’t allow ETPW to defend herself, and has publicly mocked ETPW for trying. Patsy Eastwood is relishing in the pain and problems her actions are causing ETPW. (Again, very unchristian behaviour on Patsy Eastwood’s part, even if ETPW were guilty).

ETPW’s detailed response to Patsy Eastwood’s and STM’s accusations thankfully were posted on another blog at On reading this, it’s OBVIOUS why Rahab didn’t allow ETPW’s defence to be posted on her own site as it blows their claims completely out of the water. STM’s contradictory response to this (making an excuse why the evidence could not be provided) was also very enlightening.

It’s certainly shocking that Rahab once warned in detail of what was going on with all the easily verifiable detail needed to debunk it persists in giving room to STM and in repeating his claims while not giving voice to others suggesting any alternative theory to STM’s version. It’s hard to comprehend that a Christian would hold such hatred to another Christian that they’d do this to someone. Really hard.

Here follows my comment posted on Rahab’s site on  May 21 2009 that was NOT allowed to be seen online. It’s just as well I had the foresight to make a copy of it first. I strongly suspected it wouldn’t appear on her site and I was right!
“I want to know the truth in this, and I want the evidence please.  This whole thing really, really bothers me and I want to get at the truth in this.

Before I ask some in depth questions, I’d like to address one comment by Rahab was has said it does not matter if Stephen is Satan itself. Rahab, it does matter, course it does! as I hope you’d not give such room on your forum to Satan himself, and in this matter it should make you cautious to check “Satan’s” information fed to you most carefully as he is known to be a liar and deceiver on the prowl to savage, kill and destroy!

Anyway, onto my questions.

Please Manning (or anybody else with evidence) send me the actual evidence for any of what you’re saying to my email address at,  I have already read the stuff on SM’s site. Once I have examined it, if Rahab allows me, I will post back my findings.

Please everybody who has said these things, I’d like to see the cold hard proof. Otherwise I suggest all of you have sinned against somebody, whatever their real name  is.

Show me what’s real here.

Show me that ‘Miriam’ (ETPW) lied about her identity. Chapter and verse please. Specifics.

Show me that  ‘Rosalind Miriam Franklin’ the publisher is the same Rosalind Miriam Franklin (or Miriam Rosalind Franklin or R M Franklin) who writes at endtimespropheticwords, ETPW, because even if all these names are ETPW’s real given birth (or marital names) there are other people in the world also having all of these names too according to easy online searches. There is not only one RMF in the world! Not all RMF’s are publishers! Oh, and why too would ETPW use her own names online if she’s a fraud and trying to hide herself, why not call herself Felicity (or even Felix) Frangipane or something like that?

Show me that the ‘Rosalind Miriam Franklin’ the publisher is a fraud, liar, abuser, blackmailer etc. So far, all I’m hearing is Stephen’s own word for it with no actual evidence.

Show me that ETPW (whatever her real name) has no accountability or track record – again, what do you actually base this on? (Her website alone gives a track record going back to summer 2007 so she does have a track record on the web).

There is the accusation ETPW has stolen articles from others, again chapter and verse please. Show me.

Stephen, Rahab, show me the email where ETPW claims to be RMF

Stephen, show me what material has been deleted specifically, with what relevance and what evidence of guilt, and show me the proof that this material was by ETPW, and proof ETPW deleted it

Show me whether ETPW’s words are ‘filled with hatred, are boastful and conceited etc’ – please be specific? She writes critical articles but this alone does not make her filled with hatred etc.

Dutch said ETPW claims to be ‘the only pure soul’. Show me. Chapter and verse please. Show me how is ETPW is dispensing people to hell? Show me where and when did ETPW say your pastor was “a deceiver of man, and a collector of men’s souls for the devil”?

Proof that the things ETPW’s accuses Stephen of, she has done herself.

Proof any of the 25+ ‘aliases’ are actually ETPW and not from real people. Let’s put this in context and remind ourselves SM has accused everyone of posting on here to date of being etpw.

Stephen, show me the nine pager from someone claiming to be ‘other than Miriam’ with the initials MF signing it off.

If this exists shows me it is from ETPW.

Stephen, show me how and when you checked with ETPW before acccusing her (the creation on your blog as a screenshot is very recent and proves nothing)

Stephen, show me, where  ‘prophetic articles’ supposedly written by ‘Miriam’  had originated on another American Christian website. Where, what, when, where?

Show me the proof that tiny fonted 10 page documents in red ink were sent to the court by RMF and were superfluous verbiage dismissed by the judge as such

Rahab and Stephen, show me how if RMF the publisher has not answered the courts, how the case is still ongoing years later without being found in Stephen’s favor by default? And the claim about the 10 page document being lodged at the courts as per above also contradicts this second claim- yes?

Rahab, Stephen, show me proof that any reporter asked ETPW questions which were never answered.

Naxus, show me proof ETPW has assasinated your character and you have caught her lying

Stephen, show me proof ETPW has fabricated false websites or used false identities, not filed proper accounts, refused to pay royalties due,  charging exorbitant amounts for ’smoke-and-mirrors’ marketing packages and where she has acted with arrogance and contempt

Rahab, show me proof of the death threats to the fellow blogger, and if this exists proof that these came from ETPW

Show me proof ETPW was banned from Charisma forums

Show me proof RMF has failed three court directions since January

Rahab you said ‘if you are not guilty prove it’,  and ask why ETPW would not address it if innocent. Yet when by your own admission ETPW laid her cards on the table (with her proofs) and made a defence you acknowledge you wouldn’t allow her to speak and deleted her defence. I think if you are going to accuse her, at the very least give ETPW an opportunity to speak at least once here.  I also shudder for you at this presumption that lays at the heart of this argument as it is innocent until proven guilty not guilty til proven innocent.  I can also see why any sane completely innocent person would not want this kind of stuff on their blog.

Stephen show me  the post you’ve “seen circulating recently that accuses you of being an occultist with dark and devious reasons for wanting to destroy Miriam’s godly work” – where was this, what, where, when?  Are you an occultist?

Stephen, I note your Unificationist ties. Will you please come clean as to your religious affiliation here?

Skeptic/Joseph – Show me ‘Ester’ is Rosalind and show me you are not SM for that matter!

Show me  the emails from ‘Richard’ saying Stephen is a cross dresser and Rahab and SM  are one and the same

Show me the proof Richard is Rosalind

Sandy, show me proofs of what you say

Sandy, show me how “not mentioning any specific names” on your blog can be true when I saw your using ETPW’s and RMF’s names on your posts as tags!

Rahab, show me proof ETPW is ‘squalling like a scalded cat’ (you seem to delight in this?), and what gives you the right to make her or anyone else squall when you only have one man’s word for any of this?

Rahab, Show me where ETPW misreported Jessa ‘Bentley’ was in one of the videos on her site when she was not

Stephen, show me  proof that what ETPW posted in her defence was slanderous or diatribe

Show me where ETPW has villified or abused those who challenged her identity or motives?

Thank you’

I followed my first comment up with another comment, saying –

“My post has vanished – has it gone through or not?

Rahab, please email if you did not get it and I will try reposting it again.”

This time this second short comment did go onto the site, yet I got a rather shirty answer from Rahab for my trouble (on May 22) –

“Your post was not approved because you made a list of demands which showed me you have not read any of the documentation that has been put up on any one of a number of sites that has been liked to on this blog. Go conduct your research and maybe we can have a conversation.”

I commented back that I had done the research, which is why I was asking the specific questions that I was. I said my research hadn’t unearthed any evidence of ETPW’s guilt (quite the contrary), and I asked that people please send me the actual proofs that they claimed to have. After all, STM had openly offered as much in a previous comment on Rahab’s!

Again my comment was not allowed onto the site yet all the negative ones were. In the meantime, I was being told on the grapevine of other bloggers daring to question the ‘facts’ on Rahab’s who were also having the same issues of not being allowed to post and who were also all invariably being accused by Manning of being ETPW in disguise. (This has been a repeat tactic of the accuser. Everybody who has ever questioned him is irrationally accused of being RMF, whatever the evidence is to the contrary!)

On May 22, again under the ID  ‘WantingTheTruth’ I tried to post again at Rahab’s.

I’ve left two comments here since your response to me, and both haven’t been allowed to go onto this site, although Stephen’s subsequent comment has which is a bit odd.

In my first comment, I said I’d already read the material on the web, and researched it, but only so far see claims, not proofs, and anyone can claim anything about anyone else without it being true. My second comment was a repost of the list of original questions to Stephen, yourself and some others, asking for substance for the claims – proof in other words.

eg, you Rahab have said that ETPW was banned from Charisma, and has sent death threats. “Show me” I asked you. “Show me cold hard evidence ETPW did.”

In the same way I said show me cold hard evidence that the RMF of Diggory Press is the same RMF of ETPW (if that is really her name) as there are multiple RMF’s in the world.

My comments have always been polite and respectful, as well as neutral. I have simply asked for proof of these claims to get to the actual truth. Why have you not allowed others to see my questions? Is it because you have no proofs for what you say so will discredit her come what will? That is not right if so whatever she is!

Please email me all what you have. I’m waiting expectantly.

My email, once again, is

Needless to say, this comment didn’t go online either (but it was forwarded to others to mock and jeer at – how Christian! This is disgusting behaviour.)  I’ve had no private emails from Patsy Eastwood, Manning or anyone else with any evidence despite my specific requests – so make of that what you will. When asked for the evidence, they refuse to supply it.

My ‘id’ at Rahabsplace was ‘Wantingthetruth’ and I still want the truth. I pray it will come out in all its glory and the Lord God will expose what needs exposing for He knows and sees everything.

I’ve started this blog so that the people whose voices have been censored elsewhere can talk openly, share their experiences, and others can join in the discussions that result, wherever that happens to take us.

I’ve called this blog  ‘sleuthfortruth’ in the hope it will be a place where people as amateur sleuths and amateur policemen can look at the actual evidence that is available and see some of the numerous misrepresentations and distortions coming from the keyboard of Manning, and thereby help give his victims a voice and enable them to stand. Yes, ‘victims’ plural, as my research has shown that ETPW is not alone. Behaviour such as this needs exposed and the ones behaving in such a way shunned.

There’s a satisfaction that comes from spotting the truth and collecting the evidence and exposing the real criminal in a case like this – a bit like doing a puzzle in the paper, but more rewarding as there is the knowledge at the end of it you’re helping others. If you spot any contradictions in Rahab’s or STM’s claims, please share it here. Likewise, if you have been a victim of STM or someone else similar, please come forward and share your story. You can comment in the comments box at the end of this post, or you can send me an email.

I also extend my invitation to STM and Rahab once again. Show me the evidence for your claims. You know my email. I’m waiting.

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