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Diggory Press v Stephen T Manning Court Case. DIGITAL FILES – THEFT AND EXTORTION

One of the many unreasonable demands that Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Dooagh Village, Achill Island, Eire has made of Diggory Press Ltd is that “his” digital files are “returned” to him.

Before we investigate this bogus claim, a quick explanation is needed as to what these digital files are:

Stephen T Manning hired Diggory Press Ltd to make his manuscript “print ready” for the printers. This involved Diggory Press creating a front and rear cover and spine for the title, and making sure the title’s cover was the right format, size and print resolution. It involved placing a proper book barcode on it, and working on the book interior, again ensuring it was the right size with fonts correctly embedded at the correct dpi, and so on and so forth. These digital files for the cover and text interior were then checked over and authorised by Manning, and were then sent on to the digital printers to print Manning’s book “on demand’.

Digital files have value because of all the “man hours” of labour behind them in creating them during pre publication work. Even in a digital age, the costs for typesetting, cover art and other such pre production work can be very expensive. Most firms you’d be lucky to get change out of £500 for a very basic service from them – and this would not be counting in the costs of corrections, where each and every correction, however small, can easily cost a minimum of £50 a time.

Digital files also have value in their future potential. Because they are needed to digitally produce and print a book (or ebook), they are an asset because of the potential royalties on any book sales produced by using these digital files.

Everybody in the printing and publishing process knows the value of digital files  – especially the self publishing author.

A few printers or agents may offer significantly discounted price pre-publication work to create digital files for authors or publishers, provided that the digital files they produce for the author or publisher are only used by and through their print services. They’ll often have a minimum amount of copies the author has to buy to recoup what profit was “lost” at the pre production stage, and/or have a minimum contract and tie-in to cover themselves in the future to ensure the author has to come back to them for more books.

So even though the content of the book (e.g. the story) is fully the author’s, and it is his or her copyright, and is (usually) his or hers to use as they wish and even have printed and produced elsewhere, the cut-price digital files produced by the printer or agent on the author’s behalf are not the author’s property.

So digital files produced in such a way are NOT the author’s property. And they would not be ‘returned’ to the author, as they were never ‘given’ by the author in the first place.

A printer or agent would not be “seizing and highjacking” the title (as Manning wrongly claims Diggory Press did) by refusing to “return” digital files when there was a parting of ways, nor would they be “making extortive demands” (ditto, Manning) by asking a reasonable market price for the digital files so the author could freely use them anywhere else he wanted to in the future.

To explain this a little bit more clearly for technophobes – it’s rather like if you go and get something printed at an old fashioned printers (i.e. a non digital printers that use print plates). Even though the printer may design your item of stationery for you, and then create print plates especially for your stationery, and then print off your stationery items using these same print plates, you as this printer’s customer would have no right of ownership to the valuable print plates he used to produce your item. You’d only have rights to the end item, the actual stationery produced. You could not take that printer’s plates to use at another printers for a new print run! Unless of course, you bought the plates from the first printers by separate negotiation. (It’s possible also that the printer’s design for your stationery would be copyrighted, so if you produced ‘knock off’ items on your photocopier or at another printers you could also be breaching the printer’s copyright and breaking the law.)

Manning took Rosalind Franklin personally (not the Diggory Press Ltd company she worked for) to the small claims court, suing her for “his” digital files along with a load of other concocted nonsense he’d made up to smear her. This was part of Manning’s ongoing harassment against Rosalind, an openly Christian businesswoman.

The small claims court is a civil (not criminal court) where anyone can attempt to sue anyone else for pretty much anything  – it does not mean their claim has any truth or substance to it whatsoever, or is even against the right person to being with. (Manning even had the brazenness to claim relief from court fees to make his abusive, fictitious and harassing claims, but that’s another story.)

So anyway there was a court case between Manning and Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press where a judge heard evidence about Manning’s digital files claim.

Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd when giving evidence on this issue explained it to the court by equating it to a professional wedding photographer taking photos at a wedding. The photographer takes “your pictures”, using your face, in your environment at your wedding, having been ordered by you and paid for by your money; and he’s working on your behalf in response to your specific requests. You are entitled to purchase pictures taken under this deal from the photographer as many times as you like in the future, however you would NOT be entitled to have outright ownership of the negativescontaining “your images” of “your occasion” (unless this was separately stipulated in the contract). And you would also be technically breaking the photographer’s copyright if you tried to bypass the photographer and get prints of his work elsewhere, or otherwise tried to copy it by scanning it or photocopying it. In such a way, Rosalind Franklin successfully argued, digital files were like the negatives of the book, and the author had no rights to demand them for free, especially and even more so when the contract between Diggory Press Ltd and Manning clearly stipulated that digital files remained the property of the publisher and would have to be purchased by separate negotiation.

Under such circumstances, any newly-wed trying to sue his wedding photographer for “his” negatives, and any author trying to sue the printers for “his” print plates would be laughed out of court – rather as Manning was, the judge ruling in Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press’s favour in November 2009 that Manning had no right to the digital files Diggory Press had worked on for him  – which, of course, Manning had known all along anyway.

The evidence illustrates Manning had not been innocently mistaken. The abundant evidence shows that Manning knew the files were not his to keep from day one. This is shown in his own emails on the issue before his failed extortion attempt, as well as the clear contract between him and Diggory which was not in tiny print, plus there is more damning evidence from his own Checkpoint Press publishing website which I’ll go into shortly. Also, IF these digital files were Manning’s property, then once the finalised files had been checked over and authorised by Manning, Manning would have then used these files directly with the printers for himself instead of continuing to use Diggory Press as the middleman once the publishing process was over, as he did in fact do. He would not have placed orders for books with DP but with the printers direct instead. So his behaviour for many months after the files were finished for him makes no sense unless he is lying now, which we, of course, assert.

Rosalind Franklin has consistently stated to the courts and the police that Manning is not innocent – he is a criminal, a serial blackmailer who was trying to extort these valuable files along with some money from Diggory Press, with the threat to smear her and her business if she did not give into his unreasonable demands.  She refused, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Diggory Press as a company, and RF as a person, have had one of the most sustained, lying, hateful and vindictive orchestrated smear campaigns conducted against them possible. This is in addition to everything else behind the scenes such as death threats, And for what? All for Manning’s greed – and a sick pleasure at taunting and punishing his prey for not giving into him, boasting he is teaching them a lesson.  Even though Manning’s first alleged extortion attempt failed, Manning is allegedly carrying on lying, smearing, threatening, bullying, intimidating and harassing his prey with the hope that she will crack and bow under all the relentless pressure and pay him off.

Manning by his writings demonstrates an evident hatred against professing evangelical Christians like Rosalind Franklin so this may be an additional motive for his harassment. Certainly Manning taunts her regularly calling her deluded for holding her professed beliefs. Manning has revealed he hated that Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press helped produce a Christian charity’s “non tolerant” book which showed up religious cults and sects including the Unification church (the Moonies) to which Manning and his spouse (that he was married to in a Moonie mass wedding ceremony) have had long term associations. So who knows all this criminal’s additional motives in this campaign other than ‘pure’ greed for filthy lucre and personal ambition.

The ironic thing for all their vilification is that Diggory Press Ltd had been so good to Manning and had significantly undercharged him. Rosalind Franklin personally had gone more than the extra mile with Manning at a tiny price, and had graciously put up with him taking a lot of liberties even before he made his extortive demands. She personally, and the company, gave an excellent service at a fraction of all the other firms out there – doing literally ten times more for authors, at literally ten times less the price charged by most other self publishing operators. It was no wonder that in a tainted industry Diggory Press shone and had such an impeccable reputation, and no wonder they were growing so rapidly with so many repeat customers. Until Manning started to smear them, that is.

For a web based business dependant on getting custom through the web, mud sticks. And one malicious man can pretend to be many people from the safety of his computer, and make it appear something has gone on to “the many” that has not even happened to the one. Diggory Press WERE too good to be true, but only because Rosalind was a mug and charged too little for what she did. But for those what suspected it was too good to be true, when they heard the mud they were all too inclined to believe it.

In addition to all Manning’s lies against Diggory Press and Rosalind Franklin and any other innocents caught in the path – hundreds and hundreds of Manning lies, ever evolving, constantly contradicting –  and an ongoing barrage of other dirty tricks, threats and harassment, Manning did dirty things like entering multiple false claims against Diggory Press Ltd in the small claims court (alleging anything damaging he could make up), and then going to the press and saying “Diggory Press have all these claims against them for fraud, theft, abuse etc etc  ..” and the press printed that as fed to them by Manning without checking it out. This sounded terrible and did make their name mud, but what the reckless press did not report was all these claims were all nonsense claims entered and paid and sponsored for by Manning, operator of a wannabe rival business, Checkpoint Press, and that none of these claims had any truth or substance to them – some of these claims even used false names!

Some of these claims were so bogus it was laughable (e.g. the person, “VK’ who was not even a customer claiming £250 for the loss of an unsolicited CD disc she’d supposedly sent into DP), – laughable claims that is, if it had not had such a devastating affect on Rosalind and her business, and also the genuine Diggory Press customers who suffered because of Manning’s criminal and perjurious activity which in time affected all of them.

Anyway, here is the evidence from Manning’s own Checkpoint Press website. (You can click on any of the images to enlarge them). The screenshots are evidence that Manning is well aware about who owns digital files in the publishing process. Here is what Manning says to HIS own prospective self publishing authors about digital files – taken over three different screenshots –  so he doesn’t just say it one time. He obviously knows the custom and is not an innocently mistaken author! What a total menace he is – and a hypocrite. It’s one rule for him, and another rule for anyone else.

Screenshot 1 from Checkpoint Press, Achill Island

Screenshot 2 from Checkpoint Press, Achill Island

Screenshot 3 from Checkpoint Press, Achill Island

This article was written by Sleuth for Truth, Nov 10th 2009


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The Smear about Kingdom Come Publishing and Deborah G Hunter

Despite Stephen T Manning of Checkpoint Press, Ireland, being explictly told by another poster that the Kingdom Come Publishing operation he says that Rosalind Franklin/Diggory Press Ltd are associated with [without any proof or evidence, and actually proof to the contrary but more on that later] is registered to: Kingdom 7 Apparel, CMR 454 Box 1628 APO, Armed Forces Other Areas 09250, United States. [ie nothing to do with RF/DP or any of their contacts] and then being asked by the poster:

‘Are you sure this is RF?’ [RF = Rosalind Franklin]

Manning deceptively responds, knowing full well that none of this has been verified by him as factual and it is also not the actual truth. This while Manning adds some other complete inventions of his own within the post such as his claims to know RF’s “international movements”.

RF informed us it’s all nonsense and Manning is making it up as he goes along. However, if Manning insists he really does know RF’s international movements, then he admits he’s her obsessive stalker. So what Manning say raises a red flag whichever way one chooses to look at it.

This Kingdom Come company operation, as it turns out, had nothing at all to do with Rosalind Franklin, Diggory Press or any of RF’s friends, business associates or relatives.

(However, it should be borne in mind that even if this Kingdom Come Publishing company were a company operated by Rosalind Franklin or anyone linked to her, there was no proof of anything illegal or untoward going on there anyway, so any connection still would have proved nothing. Like everything else Manning has said about RF/DP to date, it is smear for smear’s sake.)

I took a screenshot of Manning’s conversation on a publishing blog with a person called ‘Slim’. I have whited out some parts of the conversation for the sake of highlighting specifics of what was said that I want to deal with in this post here. (And Manning’s other false accusations in this comment have already been dealt with elsewhere). The first part of the conversation is from Manning, the middle comment is Slim, then it’s Manning again.

It should be noted while reading this that Manning has continued to make the same accusation to this date against Rosalind/DP – that is a long time afterwards.

First off, note the warped logic. Manning says to Slim under questioning:

“This particular url is definitely Mrs Franklin’s handiwork – as I have sent Court papers to her via the site.

Huh?! So because Manning says he sent court papers to RF via th e website (a bogus claim in itself as if he were a genuine litigant, he’d just send any papers in the mail to DP/RF’s known address. And if Manning still insists he sent court papers via another website, then he admits he’s harassing Diggory Press’s director, RF, personally,in this instance by spamming and stalking her, so it’s not a good reflection on him either way – but let’s go on …) – so because Manning’s supposedly sent court papers via that site, this therefore “proves” that it’s RF’s website?

What odd and warped logic. So if I go onto youtube, and email them a load of nonsense about someone I’ve got a grudge about (Father Christmas was not good to me last year, I’ll send a nasty note to him), that proves that youtube is owned and operated by Father Christmas?! Because I’ve sent him an email or letter there? Huh?!

It would be bad enough if this kind of stupid logic was coming from a batty old lady, but it’s coming from someone who markets himself as an “adjunct professor”, an academic, a “licensed Christian minister”, a supplier of education services to degree level and beyond, a “qualified editor” and a doctor and psychiatrist with a doctorate degree. Manning always makes sure to mention “his credentials’ in his every breath (which to me is obviously a sign of something very wrong when someone always calls themselves ‘Dr’ and ‘Phd’ even in informal situations as real doctors don’t have that need. It should come as no surprise, then, that Manning’s “credentials” come from a notorious unaccredited American diploma mill…)

Something somewhere is seriously wrong with Manning and his claims about RF/DP. And apparently also in his claims about himself.

So Manning’s supposed ‘evidence’ is bogus. And Manning brazenly ignores all evidence and facts that contradict his evidence. Manning is bogus. Manning’s claim is bogus and he knows it. He knew it when he said it. He knew it as Slim questioned him. And he knows it now.

But moving on – because we have even more damning evidence against Manning.

This comment below was posted at in January 2009. (The post has since been taken down, and and the other associated domain also taken down.) But look what the key witness in this matter says:

deborahghunter said
January 12, 2009 at 9:40 pm

“My name is Deborah Hunter and I was contacted by Mr. Stephen Manning, along with several of my business associates this morning. He advised me that he was looking into my website to see if I was using this website to mask myself as Ms. Rosalind Franklin? I do not know who Ms. Franklin is, nor have I ever heard of her company Diggory Press. Yes, I am a publisher, as well as an author, and started my company in 2008 with the name of Kingdom Come Publishing. I am very disturbed at the allegations that are being associated with this woman, but I need to clarify that my business and website is in no way, shape, or form connected with Ms. Franklin or Diggory Press. I have seen links to my website associated with several of these blogs and it is very sad to have your company put on display like this and assumed to be a part of such an evil scheme.

I found Mr. Manning to be very personable, and in no way malicious. I understand that he has been in this battle for some time now, and can absolutely understand that he thought this was her reappearing with this website. I can assure you that it is not, and we will be changing the name of the website, so that we are not labled because of this issue. My husband’s website was also under scrutiny for being a mask for Ms. Franklin, and several of our close and dear friends in the ministry….

In His Service,
Deborah G. Hunter”

I can be e-mailed at for any concerns regarding my website.”

Yet despite the fact that Mrs Deborah G Hunter made this comment on a post where Manning was active and where he would have seen it (he did and he chose to ignore it), and in spite of her kindness and graciousness giving Manning a lot of personal time and attention – and giving him all the verification Manning needed she/her company was not RF/DP, it has not made the least bit of difference – for either her or RF/DP. Because Manning has never publicly apologised for his “mistake” or retracted it. And Manning has continued to make the same allegations online and through the media and even the court service, perjuring himself.

So Manning knowingly continued to maliciously smear and wilfully ruin the reputations of a completely innocent party for the sake of his own personal obsessive vindictive agenda against RF/DP. And perjured himself in court by repeating the malicious allegation there. (We have proof of many other innocent parties also used and abused by Manning, accusing them all of being Rosalind in “disguise” (to smear Rosalind) when he knows full well they are not RF!)

If that’s not malicious, I don’t know what it. Deborah G Hunter though finding this liar, extortionist and cyber bully “charming” to her, misinterpreted Manning was not malicious as can be seen by his continued atrocious behaviour toward her (and others) since.

For the record, Manning’s accusation that this Kingdom Come Publishing company is RF/DP has been made outside of that blog comment on many other subsequent occasions. This includes in perjurious court documents he’s issued against DP/RF and also on other blogs, forums and websites.

Manning has even gone to the press with this same accusation among many other false accusations against DP/RF, and the lazy, sloppy press have just printed what the evil Manning has fed them without doing due diligence and checking their Manning-feed of lies out for themselves – shame on you, The Guardian newspaper and journalist, Tony Levene! Manning is quite happy to libel and defame other completely innocent people if it suits him in his war against DP. That’s shocking enough. But press assistance in being Manning’s sock puppet? Absolutely disgusting!

Manning and Levene and/or The Guardian newspaper have never retracted their allegations that Deborah G Hunter’s company is RF/DP “in disguise’, or apologised to Deborah G Hunter for dragging her and her husband’s names through the mud, along with the names of some of their associates, nor have they apologised to RF and DP for the false accusations and religious digs against them either.

Worse still, despite Deborah Hunter’s evidence being there for all to see, and her being easily contactable at that time, and Manning knowing this, and The Guardian paper having been explicitly told by other parties involved too that they had printed utter nonsense about them, Tony Levene of the Guardian (still using the evil Manning as his ’source’) repeated the completely false information while making some more barbed jibes about Christians. Charming!

It should be quite apparent now what sort of man Manning is. Someone who will say whatever he wants, against whomever he wants, for whatever reason he wants. However untrue and however many people get hurt. He is a complete menace. The sooner he gets locked up the better.

This post was written by Sleuth for Truth, 29th May 2009

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Stephen T Manning & Checkpoint Press Lies & Hypocrisy On Alleged Diggory Price Overpricing

Stephen T Manning for Checkpoint Press, Ireland, in seeking to smear and harass Rosalind Franklin (RF) of Diggory Press Ltd, has repeatedly lied about her and her company.

Manning said in a comment left on a publishing blog in 2007 that RF of DP sent in over-inflated prices on his title to amazon (and that RF therefore kept the profits from these excessive prices and never passed them onto him, the title’s author).

Manning has continued to say similar to this day and has never retracted this allegation. Manning’s supposed ‘evidence’ for this claim? Because of the prices asked for his title by certain third party retailers on amazon!

Most people should be able to spot the bogusness of Manning’s claim straight away, but for those that can’t, let’s examine Manning’s claim in detail as well as note the continued lies and hypocrisy of the man. Remember, this guy is a publisher – and a “publishing expert” at that – so would know more than the average man on the street about the publishing and book selling process. It’s therefore not an ‘innocent’ mistake made by an inept and incompetent bumbling fool – it’s a premeditated deliberated wilful smear against a publishing rival.

Let’s look at Manning’s comment first from this link – I have whited out the rest of the comment for the sake of clarity so as to focus on the lies of Manning’s I wish to highlight and deal with now  – (you can click on this image to enlarge it)

So basically Manning is saying because third party retailers, in no way connected to amazon itself or to Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press itself, are asking more than the recommended retail price on his book, therefore Rosalind Franklin of DP must have:

a) ’sent in the price’ to amazon like this


b) must be profiteering from the excess mark up


c) be still “illegally” selling his book


d) not passing on the royalties to him

Now let’s look at the actual facts.

a) Manning accusation – RF/DP ’sent in the price’ to amazon like this

  • This is what Manning says about listing practices to his authors on his Checkpoint Press website: (so it’s one rule for his company and another rule for Diggory Press – the hypocrite!) It also illustrates he KNOWS he’s lied about Diggory Press.
    1. No publisher ’sends in prices’ to amazon anyway (as Manning, the Checkpoint Press Charlie well knows).
    2. RF/DP were not the publisher in this case, Manning was. DP only helped print and distribute the book through their network, as they were authorised to by Manning.
    3. If RF/DP had sent in prices to anybody in the retail chain asking over the RRP, the price hike would have shown on amazon and everywhere else and nobody would have been able to purchase the book at the normal retail price. However that was not the case as the book WAS listed on amazon etc at the normal price, it was only the third parties that charged more, indicating that RF/DP had set the RRP EXACTLY as was agreed: (see also their own website listing showing them listing the book at the authorised price at this link)
    4. If RF/DP had put Manning’s book at an unauthorised price through their distribution network then Manning would have known about it and complained about it long before he did (and certainly would not have commissioned them to do more books for him as he did in fact do). Instead, according to court and police records, RF/DP says Manning made it up as smear after the fact (along with many other false accusations) many months afterward when RF/DP refused to give into Manning’s blackmail demands. RF/DP says Manning threatened to smear the Diggory Press business (which at that point had an impeccable reputation) and campaign against DP if RF did not give into his blackmail demands. RF stood her ground. The sick Manning then boasted to RF she did not know who she was dealing with as he had done it to others before her so she should really give into him then. She still stood her ground. She then says Manning threatened RF and told her she needed to be taught a lesson and punished by him for daring to stand up to him. (He calls himself ‘teacher’ for this reason in some of the many harassing emails he continues to send her over three years on).
    5. Questions of motive must arise as to what a publisher could possibly gain from risking sending in unauthorised over-inflated prices to amazon – even if it were possible – when most print on demand books only sell an average of 2 copies. (And self published books are an even lower average).
    6. Most sales are also made by the publisher to their authors direct, and so it is the author that should be kept sweet so they come back for more books and services! Even if RF/DP were fraudulently inclined they’d have to be really, really stupid to take such a risk for such little reward when much much more could be gained by keeping Manning sweet.

    b) Manning accusation – RF/DP must be profiteering from the excess mark up

    1. Just because a print on demand item is listed does not mean it physically exists. And it also does not mean it’s sold.
    2. The third party merchants on amazon are listing items just like people do on ebay and so they can ask what they want for something – it doesn’t mean they’ll actually get it!
    3. If I go out and put some of my new or second hand books for sale on amazon or ebay or sell them at a garage sale or market, who is responsible for the price I charge? Who makes the money on this specific transaction? The publisher? The original bookstore I bought from? Of course not! It’s me and only me, and I make or lose money depending on what I manage to sell my stock at. Nobody can be blamed for the price a third party tries to sell a product at! It’s dumb to even try to lay the blame elsewhere.
    4. None of these third party merchants are Rosalind Franklin or Diggory Press.
    5. The third party merchants on amazon pre-list print on demand books – so they don’t have the book in stock when they list them (because they’d go broke as most p.o.d books never sell), but the merchants anticipate being able to quickly and easily order the book if there is an order and then send on these books.  Some of these merchants, for reasons I don’t personally understand, will even say the book that doesn’t even exist yet is ’second hand’. This is one fact that does confuse genuine authors, and they will sometimes over-estimate their sales as a consequence, but anyone browsing publishing forums and checking facts out for themselves will soon find out about this practice as it is commonly discussed among authors. Certainly any publisher would know! And Manning does know, as it happens, he’s been convicted by his own alternative version of the truth spoken to his own authors (see green screenshot below on number 7).
    6. As to motive – if Diggory Press struggled to sell Manning’s book at the authorised RRP (4 sales I believe in total ever!), and as a consequence DP decided to have it removed it from their distribution service as it did not make enough even to cover the tiny annual costs of keeping it in distribution, then why on earth would they think they could sell it at 3 times the RRP price?! Why would they even try?!!! If they were going to change the price, surely it would have to be DOWNWARDS!

    c)  Manning accusation – must be still “illegally” selling his book

    1. The facts given in b) link into this as to how print on demand books are listed by websites, especially third party merchants. So even if a book is listed on a website as ‘for sale’ or ‘in stock’, it does not mean it’s really available to purchase and receive – it only means the merchant expects it to be available and will take an order for it hoping to be able to get it.
    2. DP cannot be blamed for a third party merchant’s mistake of wrongful presumption.
    3. The fact that the title was ONLY listed with third party merchants, and not from amazon proper itself when the allegations were made, actually proves that RF/DP had withdrawn it from distribution and printing. Because if they hadn’t withdrawn it, it would still be available on amazon and regular merchants at the regular price with a much quicker time turnaround (24 hrs usually)
    4. The facts are Manning KNEW his book with DP/RF was no longer in distribution and had it directly confirmed to him by the printers and distributers themselves. Yet he still continued to make this slanderous accusation against DP/RF, and has never retracted it.
    5. It should also be remembered that because Manning still owed DP/RF money for work on his books (around £80), DP were contractually entitled to keep on selling his title, even if he requested it to be withdrawn, to offset any future royalties against his bad debts. So they would not have been ‘illegally’ selling his title anyway, even if they had continued to sell it for a long time afterwards. They didn’t carry on “selling” it, as it turned out, or even attempt to, as his title made too few sales to cover the tiny costs of keeping the book in their distribution system.

    d) Manning accusation – must not be passing on the royalties to him

    This has been pretty much covered in full in the points above.

    1. A book being listed is no proof of sales made, at any price
    2. DP/RF would not get the excess profit even if there were any third party sales over and above the retail price (the third party would keep all the excess)
    3. Manning owed DP/RF money, and so DP were contractually entitled to offset any earned royalties against this bad debt.
    4. Manning knows for a fact how many sales have been made, and has seen the evidence from third parties of when the book was withdrawn and its total sales, yet still falsely smears RF/DP as having robbed him of royalties and having carried on selling his book.

    If all this weren’t enough to convict Manning, there’s yet more damning evidence against him.

    I did a search on by publisher. I put in ‘Checkpoint Press’ – Manning’s company – to pull up only his company’s titles. It came up with a list of titles and these are some of them below – (you can do the same search and click on some links and see for yourself what happens).

    You’ll notice a few things, the ‘buy new’ price which will be the RRP and what you would pay if you bought a copy from amazon direct (eg: the last one on the list, Winderbilt Over Floodsville is $14.99), and then you’ll see the prices underneath that, pp ‘8 new’ and ‘1 used’.  These are the third party merchants having a go at selling on amazon, such as ‘The Book Depository’.

    I took a screenshot on what happens for this Checkpoint Press title when you go to these third party merchants by clicking on the link (see below). As you can see, some of them are reasonable mark-ups, some of them are not. Some of them are asking $35 on a $15 book! But these are all against Checkpoint Press’s own titles.

    If Manning insists that what he says about Rosalind Franklin and Diggory Press is true then HE AND HIS OWN COMPANY –

    a) have ’sent in the price’ to amazon like this that has not been authorised by his self published authors


    b) he and his company must be profiteering from the excessive mark ups, in this case $20 a book


    c) he and his company are not passing on the royalties to his authors

    d) he and his company are frauds and cheats etc

    Somehow I think now we’ve publicly busted him on this, Manning’s ever more convoluting story is going to change again, with an even more convoluted explanation as to why his ‘evidence’ says RF did things the way he says she did, but the very same evidence that damns him too in that case, doesn’t actually apply to him.

    This article was written by Sleuth for Truth, June 16 2009

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    Stephen T Manning and his Checkpoint Press’s Theft Of Diggory Press Book Cover

    It is extremely ironic (given the circumstances) that Stephen T Manning and his Checkpoint Press have accused Diggory Press – without any proof – of theft and copyright abuse, when it is Checkpoint Press and its corrupt owner, Stephen T Manning, that is the real thief and copyright abuser.

    The following facts are from court paperwork on file in relation to some book cover artwork stolen from Diggory Press Ltd and used illegally by Stephen T Manning. Manning and Checkpoint Ireland is well aware who this cover really belongs to (Diggory Press), yet despite that he brazenly continues to publish and distribute the book. And Lightning Source printers are also aware of Manning’s theft, as well as his dirty tricks against Diggory Press over the years, yet continue to work for Manning and print and distribute this rogue book too. Shame on them also!

    (These images have been edited slightly – private information whited out – before going onto this site.)

    First image – screenshot from Lightning Source printers showing the original edition of Hash House set up on their systems for Diggory Press in March 2007. Note the front cover artwork. The artist can also testify who she created the artwork for and when she did it.

    The book cover created by Diggory Press in 2007 – their property

    Second image. Screenshot as per Checkpoint Press’s website of the edition as published by Manning for Checkpoint in September 2008. (You can also view the same book on amazon at this link and verify it is the same front cover)

    The Checkpoint Press edition using stolen artwork

    This is illegal copyright theft. And unlike Manning, Diggory Press have PROOF for their claims.

    Written by Sleuth for Truth, June 15 2009

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    Stephen T Manning, Rahab, Ian Vincent and Miriam Franklin at endtimes – The Truth

    It’s all here on this blog. More will be posted in due course.

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    Is Diggory Press Sending Death Threats?

    Manning alleges that Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press sent him a death threat. As STM’s “evidence” for this in his Rogue’s gallery – a gallery on his website of malicious smear by a rogue, not about a rogue – he has a screenshot up which is supposed to show a death threat against him posted onto another website by Rosalind at Diggory. This, one would think, is the best “evidence” Manning’s got of a death threat or else something considerably better than what he’s got (which is laughable) would have been posted in its place.

    Actually reading the words on this screenshot, and investigating where the words come from and what context they were used in shows Manning is skating on very thin ice to allege they were a death threat. They are nothing of the sort. What the post actually says (from a forum posting at booksandtales in 2007) is STM “knows his days are numbered.” Rosalind Franklin, in the context of the conversation – which wasn’t a threat but a simple statement – said this as STM had been busted for lying and his days of being credible or believed at that forum were over. She’d caught him out in several obvious lies and contradictions and his backtracking and excuses were not even of a schoolboy “dog ate my homework” standard. Hence his days there being believed were “numbered”. You can view the post in its original context at this link.

    That STM uses Rosalind Franklin’s expression so out of context to allege RMF sends him death threats shows his lack of integrity and his willingness to smear Rosalind whatever the real truth.

    And if that’s the best comment he can come up with from the web posted in anybody’s name, whoever they are (as he accuses everyone who questions him of being Rosalind), then that’s pretty remarkable. And it also displays to some degree the patience and endurance and character of Manning victims who have put up with so much and not given him anything more substantial to use since 2006.

    This is what was said at booksandtales –

    “As for your most recent posts, what you attempted to do was to bury in a barrage of insults directed at — Manning

    RMF: There are no insults in our posts, let alone ‘a barrage’ – I do not see one insult, merely FACTS – you are one prejudiced person, Cleaa, and obviously do not care one cent for the truth. The only insults on here that I see have been the deeply personal insults from Manning and yourself directed towards me. If you have any credibility left in you, Cleaa, you’d get off your high horse, put your evident religious prejudice you hold toward us aside for being open about the fact we are a Christian-run company, and see the obvious contradiction that runs through each and every statement that Manning makes.

    We, however, unlike some, do actually care about the truth, which is why I have taken so much effort to prove what the truth actually is on this forum – as well as of course not giving into blackmail in the first place.

    Not one statement I have made contradicts itself, Manning’s statements, however do, and frequently, as well as claiming very obvious impossibilities. Manning labels me as being mentally ill and lacking in integrity etc etc, yet every single one of my posts are logical, grounded, make sense, and do not contradict or alter according to the weather. My story has stayed consistent because it is the truth and always has been. My story is also backed up with ample evidence. Somone, however, who has to change his story when confronted with irrefutable evidence, who makes illogical, irrational and contradictory claims and wild statements of impossibilitites – and has zero evidence for these claims – surely that person is the liar and mentally and/or morally unbalanced.

    Mr Manning is lying, has been proven to be lying on multiple counts (he has already admitted on here to being wrong and not having the full facts at hand), and in trying to cover up for these same lies is digging himself an even deeper hole by making even more evident contradictory statements. It does not take a Sherlock Holmes to see exactly what Manning really is.

    Mr Manning (and you too Cleaa) know Manning has been openly ‘outed’ on multiple counts, finally revealed for being the vicious libellor he is. Cleaa, you hate this as you hate us – and why? – because we dare to stand up for ourselves in a vicious blackmail/libel campaign and ask you to fulfil your legal obligation of not allowing libellous and defamatory comments to be posted on an internet forum. You then call us ‘far from pretty’ with zero evidence of any wrong doing on our part. What a nice forum you run! You are nothing but a deeply prejudiced bully. Now we are shown to be actually right by irrefutable evidence and you hate it!

    As for your story that Nielsens asked you to please supply them with that memo so that they could distribute it among their staff regarding your problem with Checkpoint, I have to say that that is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a very long time as no serious corporation would ever do something like that.

    We repeat again, why don’t you ask Nielsens? Oh that’s right, you are not interested in the ACTUAL truth are you, Cleaa? Cleaa, you should check out the facts before scoffing at us because you are making yourself appear foolish as we have evidence for everything we have said including the fact that the Neilsens’ memo WAS solicited. It was not a ‘forgery’ (as we never claimed it to be something it was not) or a ‘misdirection’ – it was a correct direction as we are actually correctly directing people to the source of the truth Nielsens, who are an independent witness and will verify each and every point we have made. We are not attempting to ‘bury’ anything – we are openly asking people to check the facts, thereby calling Manning’s bluff. Anyone can verify each and every one of the points made with members of Nielsens staff, in great detail if they wish, and we actively encourage them to do so as we have absolutely nothing to hide. We know the truth will out.

    Mr Manning has been outed – by his own contradictions and the evidence presented. We note him backing away from responding to the points we have made thus far ‘outing’ him. eg.

    1. the contradictory statements he has made regarding making mistakes about posting inaccurate infomation about us to the internet because he did not have access to the internet
    2. the contadictory statement he made about us being investigation by nielsens et al ‘for sometime apparently’ for isbn abuses which he then changes when confronted with the evidence from Nielsens, as being just his ONE letter.
    3. His lie that we altered our website after the fact that can be proven to be untrue by anybody with a just a little I.T. literacy 4. the phoniness of his PhD OR his habit of blackening innocent companies reputations for his own ends showing his true character – which is far from being an ‘unrelated issue’, it it totally relevant
    4. his proven professional incompetence causing listing errors on amazon etc that he continues to blame us for
    5. his continued assertion a company can steal another company’s isbn (yawn) indicating either his evident lack of knowledge about anything about publishing and/or his sheer malice in making this allegation
    6. The email from October 2006 that disproves Manning’s whole story. Why would he say all these praising things about us and me in that same email, and commission us for his second book if his complaint were even just a little bit true?
    7. The same email where he confesses to being a phone pest and admits to speaking to us recently at at time he later claims he had not heard from us for months.
    8. The same email that indicates he was fully aware of the relationship between us/him/and Lighting Source.

    To these points and more, he shakes his head and tuts and calls me names and slags off my faith yet again, but he doesn’t answer any of the actual points made, because he cannot, even with his active imagination as he knows there is too much evidence for even him to refute.

    He well knows his days are numbered.

    Despite him supposedly commissioning a solicitor one month ago, it is more bluster, Manning knows he has no case as he knows he is lying – we have not had one letter, email or any other contact from a solicitor commissioned by Manning or anyone else for that matter.

    We would like to remind him he still owes us money, and once that money is paid his book will be immediately pulled completely from our system and website as per our t&cs. He has been sent emails to tell him that any royalties on sales made in the meantime will continue to be contra’d against this balance until the balance is fully paid off.

    The digital files are NOT his – we created them for him and he has no right to them as per our t&cs, and he has never had any right to from Day One and he was fully aware of this. If he had them of course, he would have used them to go direct to LS himself and not gone through us in the first place – an obvious point that makes Manning’s whole story seem fishy, the obvious contradiction of which seem to go completely over his head. He tried it on on the first day, and he was rightly told if he wanted to use our formatting and design skills, he’d have to go through us. We are not in the business of subsiding other publishers after all!

    Manning has never been hindered from creating his own formatted files and publishing them elsewhere, neither do we claim any copyright to his material. He has continually tried to manipulate our files into his own possession over his history with us, and has continually been refused as per our terms and condititions – and he then threatened us with this name-blackening campaign to, amongst other things, sieze control over these files – that’s how little integrity this character has and what lengths he will got to to avoid paying us his dues.

    We do not and will not give in to blackmailers, now or ever.

    We repeat –

    Nielsens are a credible witness and we call on everyone to ask Nielsens for themselves if they still doubt us.

    If there is also an I.T. person here, not linked to Manning, we also invite them to verify that our website listing re Manning has not changed for a long time, far less in the past few weeks as Manning insists it has.”         (end comment quote)

    For the record, I called Nielsen Book Services Ltd (the UK ISBN agency) a few days ago. They laughed at me when I asked if it were possible to do as Manning claimed Diggory Press did, such as making “secret sales by using secret isbns”, and whether a publisher having several imprints was “highly irregular”. The answer from Nielsens being “no, of course they can’t, how would they even do that?” and “having different imprints is regular practice for many publishers”. Other people can verify this by giving Nielsens a call on 44 (0)870 777 8710 if they wish to.

    The Second Accusation

    A second allegation of sending death threats has been made by Manning’s gang against Miriam Franklin. The jealous and spiteful Rahab (aka Patsy Eastwood), and the rude Mtyokawanis, along with the malevolent and fraudulent “Dr” Manning, claim that Miriam Franklin of the popular endtimespropheticwords blog is sending death threats. anning is saying this as he alleges Miriam is Rosalind.

    Curiously, when I asked for proof of these claims none at all was forthcoming. And worse still my comments were blocked from even appearing at Rahab’s and Ian Vincent’s blogs. The group then turned on me and the other questioners and mocked us merely for asking questions and asking to see their proof. Very odd indeed. And very fishy. And very unchristian. After all, it’s a seriously defamatory claim against Miriam, whoever she is, evidence should be gotten before publicising this as “fact” and be freely made available to those who ask.

    Manning in his linked to Stalker’s Exhibit A – known as Rogue’s Gallery – accuses Miriam Franklin (ETPW) of being somebody he has no proof that she actually is. Only because she shares the same surname and middle or first name and religion as Rosalind Franklin, the woman he obsessively harasses at Diggory Press, a rival self publishing company to his Checkpoint Press. (I suppose the Franklin Mint is going to be the next alleged “front” for Rosalind?! Or Aretha Franklin another alter ego?) So recklessly, without checking out the facts, STM starts obsessively harassing and smearing Miriam too. But Miriam is not alone as other bloggers have also been accused of being Rosalind in disguise. It’s by now a very boring cracked record.

    By reading the testimony of Maria (aka Passionate Bride)  in the comments section underneath the first post on this site ‘Tears and Smear…’, you’ll see where the rumour started  that Miriam at ETPW sent a “death threat”  – something no evidence has been supplied for despite explicit requests for this evidence, as – you guessed it, it doesn’t exist. I’m copying some of her comments across here.

    There’s evidence that ‘Passionate Bride’ is NOT Rosalind/Miriam/Diggory Press/ but she’s another person in another country entirely to all of the accused. This can be seen by her ip address, her language, and PB’s comments around other sites. So yet again this group are wrongly accusing another person of being Rosalind. And in addition to being wrongly accused as to her true identity (as have many others who have questioned Manning), Passionate Bride says she didn’t send any death threat as accused by Rahab and Mtyokawanis and Manning. They lie and they smear Passionate Bride then, as well as Miriam at ETPW.

    PB says:

    “Dr Manning started joining forces with Mtyokawanis against me without even knoing me and now he is talking like if I am the one “stalking” him as he claims! The guy must be crazy!

    I wrote a message in Mtyokawanis blog about my bad experience in the church and she insulted me because she is friends with someone I mentioned. She called me a narcissistic and she doubted I was saved,which to a Christian is the ultimate offense!

    First she accused me of being Miriam’s follower. Then she decided that we are the same person!

    Here is her email to me (the only one)

    When I realized that I was being accused of threatening her, I contacted her blog but she would take just one of my sentences out of context and block everything I would say.

    She wouldn’t give me the chance to explain myself.


    Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 19:46:15 -0800
    From: Mtyokawanis [email deleted]
    To:[Passionate Bride [email deleted]

    well hello Ros. feeling like you want to start a fight? I have no idea what you look like nor do I care. You are meaningless to me. btw my avatar is not a picture of me it’s just a very nice picture.

    you are now deleted bye bye


    This is Passionate Bride’s first email to Manning saying she was not Miriam/ETPW/Rosalind.


    From Passionate Bride
    To: —manning
    Subject: Mtyokawanis has deceived You!
    Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 14:38:24 -0400

    Please listen to me!
    English is my second language.
    You have been acusing me of being someone else and I am tired of the way that the woman whose name I wrote (Mtyokawanis ) above is leading You into deception.

    Let me start from the beginning:
    I found that blog by chance while looking for something else.
    It was only few days prior to that that I also had found endtimesprohetic blog.
    In there,I wrote about my experiences in the church due to the way some people don’t have any regard for others and they talk like if they are the only lovers of God displaying publicly what God gives them privately but without ministering a word of hope to those who listen to them.
    When I read what Your newfound friend wrote against Mrs.Franklim, based on her comments about Tod Bentley,I said that telling the truth is not attacking.
    Then,I noticed that she had mentioned that she was a friend of Heidi baker.So I told her how that woman had caused me so much spiritual damage (and others whom I heard publicly speaking )
    I mentioned how I even thought about seeking professional help,even though the Lord kept telling me that He loved me and that no one was more precious to Him than me and for me to forget what people say because it’s what He says that matters.
    The next thing I know,Mtyokawanis was publicly ridiculing me and calling me a narcissistic and saying that my tears had nothing to do with God or with others and that all I wanted was attention for myself.
    Sir,she couldn’t be more further from the truth!
    In fact all I want is to be hidden in the Lord and when he uses me publicly,I always ask Him for a word to comfort others and to hide me in His glory.
    After I had mentioned to her that I had offered my tears and pain to the Lord as suffering loved and being ridicule by her and insulted,I wrote back””I WARN You not to touch my tears since I offered them to the Lord as suffeirng love”
    This was not a physical threat at all,this is a spiritual warning about somethig I had offered to the Lord.

    Then after that she wouldn’t publish anything I would say.
    In my household like everybody else we have more than one email.So I tried a different one but because the subject was the same,she would publish anything I would write.
    It is not illegal to have more than one email adress,what is ilegal is for people to be falsely accused of being someone else!
    It’s also illegal to publicly publish someone’s private email without permission,inviting the world to harass me.
    Since I knew that what I was writting was ONLY being read by Your newfound friend(I hate mentioning her name because to me she is nothing but a witch),I finally sent a stronger message.That’s the one You suggested that she would publish,believing it was from Mrs.Franklim.
    I am Jewish and I love Yeshua,knowing that He is the Promised Messiah to the Jews.
    I am a lover of God and Yes,I adress the Lord both as My Father and Husband.
    The Bible says so,that God is married to Israel.He is not married to the stones or to the sand but to the people.
    Also because I am totally consecrated to the Lord (Yeshua) I am one with Him.
    That woman has maliciously mislead You!
    She knows from the beginning that what I have written has nothing to do with Mrs,Franklim whom I don’t even know and had never heard until the same time I found both blogs.
    However I am grateful for the endtimeprophetic blog because it exposes these false preachers and false prophets.
    If that woman did someone wrong through her publishing company is another issue!
    My issue is that You know the truth!
    So please stop adressing me as being Mrs.Franklim or one of her followers.Also stop saying that I have threatened people physically .As for the part about calling God my Husband and Daddy and asking Him for justice,yes,that is true!
    I understand that You were mislead!
    I even wrote a parable about my situation and what those people do from the pulpit and again I say:Mtyokawanis deceived You in believing a lie because she knows very well that I was adressing her female idol.
    By the way:go back and read what I wrote in her blog.If I am talking about her female idol,how could it be Mrs.Franklim since she hates her!
    If she hates her,she can’t be her idol.It wouldn’t make sense!
    Now that I have explained everything to You I wish You well!
    Again I say:I don’t follow any man or any woman.I follow Christ and Him alone!
    Here is my parable:
    A king married seven wives.He loved them all equally!
    They all had their private time with Him in the bedroom and once in a while they all would gather in the living room for fellowship.
    One evening,when they all were in the living room,one of the women sat at the king’s feet talking publicly with Him but aloud about what had happened during their private time in the bedrrom.
    Then in the presence of his other wives,she said to him:”I am wooing You to come to me” (This really happened in the church)
    One of the others wives in whom the king had pleasure,cried out to him about that woamn’s behaviour.When that woman was wooing the king,she was disrespecting all his other wives and she also disrespected the king and his love for them.
    The King is Jesus
    The 7 wives,all those who are totally consecrated to Him (male and female)
    The bedroom is the secret place,His inner Chambers.
    The living room is the Church (buidling).
    If someone chooses to share with opthers abiut the intimate stuff God gives them,they should impart a word of hope.
    Exemple:When Mtyokawanis female idol says:
    “I saw Jesus eyes full of love and holy passion for me”,whom is she blessing but herself?
    I also saw Jesus eyes full of love and holy passion (like fire) but if I choose to share it with someone,I would say:”You may have never seen the eyes of the Lord full of love and passion the way I did but that same love and passion he has for me,he also has for You.
    Another thing her female idol says:”The Father absolutely adores me because he tells me so”.Again:is she blessing anyone by saying that?-Of course not.It’s all about her!
    When she says publicly:”Lord,I am wooing You to come to me”.That is so unfair for those who also love Him!
    The Lord told me that he is not impressed with those public displays of affection for Him because he sees how others feel inferior.
    Now I hope You understand that my “subject” had nothing to do with Mrs.Franklim.
    However Mtyokawanis mislead You not even caring if someone would sue You for liability.
    Create Your own blog and stay away from that witch!
    I forgave her several times but she kept barking like a pitbull.
    By the way:I would apreciate if You wouldn’t give her my email adress,lest she publish it again.
    She doesn’t have any class!She shouldn’t be allowed to have a blog much less a Christian one (what a laugh)
    I know there are a lot of mistakes and that my grammar is poor but my love for the Lord is strong and He doesn’t care how poor my grammar is!After all,all the PHD’s will perish as well as every University degree (my daughter also has one).
    Maria (a lover of God)


    Mtyokawanis has 2 similar blogs so when I wrote this email I thought that my messages had been removed from her blog.
    Later I understood I was wrong.
    By this time Dr.Manning had not answer me yet.


    Subject: Please remove somethimg else You said about me!
    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 18:28:06 -0400

    Hi Dr.Manning,
    …. Dr.Manning,You wrote something else about me in Your blog.In Your update “Rogue’s gallery”in January (I believe it’s 10)You are inviting people to write about Mrs.Franklim in Mtyokawanis blog (Ilovetoddbentley….).
    Then You mention that that person (the witch)had someone threatening her physically (me)for not agreeing with her views about Mrs.Franklim.As I have already told You,it’s not true.
    It’s not about Mrs.Franklim and it’s not a physical threat.(a spiritual warning,so that she doesn’t have to answer to God for touching my tears).
    Again You imply that it is Mrs.Franklim who is calling Jesus Husband and God the Father,Daddy.
    I am very proud to say again,that it is me adressing the Ones whom I love!
    I was getting concerned about You!
    However,Your newfound friend was no friend to You at all!
    Once she contacted me privately calling me “Ros”.
    I couldn’t understand that name (now I understand)
    So again,I replied to her saying that I would delete any messages from her (the witch)withour even reading them (that’s what she does to me,even though I am speaking the truth).
    I also repeated my love story again and how her female idol had hurt me.
    The Lord was so loving in ministering to me!The Father too!
    Well,even though she saw my name in that email (that adress showed my full name),she still didn’t tell You that I was someone else!
    Please Dr.Manning,open Your own blog but stay away from that woman!
    She is malicious and full of hatred!
    She doesn’t even sound like a Christian!
    After I told her about my ordeal,instead of pouring out the oil and the wine,she stoned me.
    I will check Your blog once in a while to see if those words have been removed.
    No,I am not threatening You!I will just ask You again later, to do it if You don’t do it now. Just consider what Mrs.Franklim will do if she reads it.
    I found Your email adress in Your blog the other day but before that I couldn’t say anything in her blog answering You for Your accusations (not only I am not Mrs.Franklim but I also am not her follower).The ones who open blogs called “ilovetoodbentley…”and who put a woman (heidi)on a pedestal,are the ones following people.
    I don’t have anything against You because You were mislead by the witch that calls Miriam a jezebel.
    P.S:Sorry about the mistakes.I’m sure You’ll understand everything!


    Here is one more!
    The reason I decided to re-tell the same story over and over,was exactly not to give them a chance to use it
    Even I am so tired of writting all these things over and over.
    This is crazy!
    I’m getting dizzy just by reading it over!
    I just wanted to refresh their memories.
    This one was sent to both!
    She never answered me!


    From: [Passionate Bride]
    To: [Mtyokawanis]
    Subject: FW: Hi,I need a favor from You (This is for Mrs.Mtyokawanis)
    Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:18:03 -0400


    From: [Passionate Bride]
    To: [— Manning]
    Subject: Hi,I need a favor from You
    Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 04:16:18 -0400

    I want to explain something to You and I would appreciate if You would explain this to Your friend.
    Honestly,I have never seen anyone twisting everything I say the way she does!
    As I said before,I first wrote about how I got hurt in the church,after having to put up with the way some people come to the pulpit and behave and make it all about them,like if the rest of us are not lovers of God as well.
    After that,the lady in charge of the blog,insulted me calling me a narcissistic and accusing me of wanting attention and that I thought I was so spiritual that I wanted for people’s atention to be on me,which is not true.
    In fact,I never display what I have with God publicly and when I minister (I used to) in prophetic intercession (I no loner go to those places) interceding for those women who she accuses me of hating,I always used expressions such as:”We” and “us” and I never made it about just me and God,the way they do!
    I don’t even like to be seen publicly at all.I have to ask the Lord to hide all my imperfections in His glory,such as:my english and even my looks (since I am overweight and I have bad teeth)
    The lady in charge of the blog,kept insulting me but she would not publish what I would say,instead she would take just one sentence(that I had written) out of context and publish it and comment on it without giving me the chance to explain myself.
    When I said to her:”I would like to suggest and even WARN You not to touch my tears
    because I have offered them to the Lord and my pain as suffering love”,that’s exactly what I meant.
    This is about a spiritual warning,not a physical threat!
    I’m saying”:Don’t touch what I gave to God!”

    She blocked me and I had to come to her through another email but since I never pretended to be anyone else and since I would keep mentioning the same subject,how I had been spititual and emotional hurt by those people from the pulpit,she wouldn’t publish my coments,
    Out of frustration and knowing that she would be the only one reading what I was writting,I opened up more about the situation in the pulpit and I used stronger expressons.
    I also asked God and again I say:I asked God,meaning:I wasn’t adressing anyone but God,to “remove her” because she was being a disgrace to others.
    What was I asking God to do?This wasn’t any threat,I was asking God to remove her from that blog since she kept insulting me without giving me an opportunity to express what I meant.

    However.she would mention me and unsullt me!
    I read something she wrote saying that she had received threats.
    I sincerely hope thay she is not referring to me.
    I think that her hate for that woman whom You are having issues with (Mrs.Franklim) has caused her to turn against everybody that would say something favorable about her.
    I didn’t even know that other blog until a few days before I found this one (from Mrs.Mtyokawanis)
    I think if someone opens a blog,they should allow people to express their opinions and if not,in that case don’t publish just one sentence out of context and don’t attack that person without giving here the opportunity to defend herself.
    She called me a narcissistic,a dog attacker,that I had a kindred spirit to Miriam Franklim,that I hated the other 2 ladies I mentioned in the beginning,that my tears had nothing to do with God and with those people from the pulpit,that I thought I was spiritual superior and I wanted to have everybody’s attention on me,etc…
    It was ONLY after she insulted me,that I used the same type of “treatment” towards her!
    In fact,I prayed a lot for the Bakers,especially for Roland because the Lord used to give me his name for intercession a lot.
    I don’t hate his wife and I have spoken to her and hugged her and prayed for her.What I “hate” is the way they come to the pukpit and it’s all about them.
    We can’t even worship the Lord and get lost in worship because they are saying””Lord,I am wooing You to come to me”.
    In my opinon,saying that in public in te presence of those who also love Jesus,is very disrespectful!
    I spoke to the Lord about this, and He told me that He is not impressed with those public displays of afection for Him publicly because He sees the hearts of those who are feeling inferior to God ay that moment.
    I heard a woman (throught the internet) at TACF testifyig about that.How she felt she could never measure up to God while watching Heidi and she wanted to run away.Is this what we are supposed to make people feel lke?-In that case it’s better if You worship in our prayer closet.
    The woman said the Lord brought a numbness to her legs and she couldn’t walk.Then the Lord spoke to her and said:”This is for You not to run away from Me”
    About Your friend : I have decided not to call her a “witch” again because she is a Christian.However she is calling everybody who checks Miriam blog a Jezebel.(That’s why I started using her same language)
    I think that We as Christians have to try our best to express ourselves without using certain awefull words (I hope “awefull”spells like that).
    I have enough problems in my own life (an abusive husband) and all I want is peace with everybody.
    As for the other blog,I don’t even know the woman!I also don’t agree with everything she says when she gives her personal opinion.However,I think that it’s a good way to expose what some preachers are really saying because when there is a video with them speaking,we can judge for ourselves according to the Word of God.
    When God tells me He loves me,I don’t go to people and tell them:”The Father absolutely adores me because He tells me so.However Heidi does that!
    Then comes carol and when she talks about her vision with Jesus she says:”He told me he loves ne and that I am His chosen one and… I am not going to tell You”.
    When they speak like these,whom are they blessing but themselves?
    Then comes Trish (whom I used to love a lot) and says:”My lover,not my husband John,My other lover,Jesus,gave me a diamond ring(in the natural) and He told me many.many.many times:”I love You so much,I love You so much.I love You so much”
    These are the things are was referring to!
    I am not the one seeking any attention!Sometimes I am talking to people and I hear the Lord say:”I love You”.I never say aloud:”I love You too.Lord”.
    Can You imagine how the other person would feel?
    God loves us all equally!
    I already was a lover of God before I met these people and I had never felt insecure about His love until I heard all these type of things.
    The Father spoke to me in 2003 (God the Father) and He ministered to me about His love for me and His Son’s love for me and He kept asking me not to pay ayention to anyone else because it’s what He says that matters.
    I was very affected by these things,not because I envy these people,no.I don’t even want to be like them.But because I am so much in love with the Lord and I was just amazed that they would display their stuff without ministering to others.
    Just because some people have a big call in their lives and they suffer a lot (I suffer even nore in my own home because of my faith)it doesn’t give them the right to behave like this,like if God only has eyes for them!They should minister more to those who listen to them!
    Because of my experience I have become more sensitive to others and I prefere them over myself!
    I think I may even send a copy of this email to Your friend.
    Honestly,if I thought I had to apologize to her I would but I didn’t start this.I just spoke about my experience in the church when I was insulted.
    No one knows about the pain I went through excepy the Lord and about the many tears I shed,but God!
    I will never understand why Mrs.Mtyokawanis attacked me the way she did,instead of pouring the oil and the wine.
    If I was in her place and even if I believed that my friend didn’t mean to hurt anyone,I would say someyhing like this:”I know this person and I don’t think she meant to hurt anyone”.Instead of calling someone a narcissistic and ridicule her pain and her tears!
    Another thing:
    I never pretended to be anyone else and I don’t understand why You keep calling me Miriam Franklim.
    Having more than one email in a household is not
    ilegal,exposing someone’s private email and inviting the whole world to harass me,is.You have been accusing me of being someone else!
    To finish,I just say again:Everything I said,had to do with the spiritual and not with the natural.I HAVE NEVER THREATENED ANYONE!It’s Your interpretations that are wrong!
    I am so tired of all this stuff,that I am going to take a break from my computor and even from my email.
    I don’t intend to contact You again!
    By now You may be offended by my grammar,etc,,,
    Wel,thats’ all I know!


  • From: [— Manning]
    To: [Passionate Bride]
    Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 18:39:49 -0500
    Subject: From Dr Manning..

    Hello Maria – I have just tonight returned from a two-week break, and have read through your lengthy messages with some concern.

    I’m sorry to say I cannot reply in depth at least for a few days – as I have a great deal of work to catch up on, but may I assure you that I do not personally know Mrs.Mtyokawanis, nor do I have any direct contact with her. In fact, I was under the impression ‘Mtyokawanis’ was a man? So I do not have any special access for forwarding your email, sorry.

    Anyway Maria – under the assumption your are sincere and honest in your messages – I am genuinely sorry if anything associated with ‘Miriam Franklin’ or her blog has caused you distress, but unfortunately Mrs Franklin is a practised deceiver who has posed under several guises these past months – and has caused a great deal of distress and harm in her wake.

    So before we communicate further Maria, may I respectfully ask you to validate your identity in a manner I can confirm, and provided you can do this, I will see if there is any way I can alleviate your distress over any postings that may have been made in error.


    — Manning PhD

  • ____________________

    I was really naive!
    Even though this guy also insulted me and Miriam, I thought he was an innocent bystander
    being misled by Mtyokawanis.
    I even felt compassion for him!

  • ——————————————————————————–From: Passionate Bride
    To: — Manning
    Subject: I’m concerned about You!
    Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 21:10:30 -0400Dr.Manning,
    Sorry to bother You again!
    You don’t have to do this but I honestly would suggest that You would try to write in Mtyokawanis blog any type of apology,not to me but to Miriam Franklim.
    You can say that the person who wrote that coment has contacted You and that she has identified herself and that she is not Miriam Franklim.
    I’m sure she must have read that!
    If she did and if she is planning to use it against You,I don’t think she would have any case after You would apologize.
    My heart goes out You!
    It must be an insult to her,having You thinking that I am her because my english is so poor and she is a publisher.
    I’ll never understand why someone would think we were the same person!
    Even though I don’t know You,I am nervous about this!
    This is just a suggestion!
  • ________________________
  • From: [—- Manning]
    To: [Passionate Bride]
    Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 21:14:53 -0500
    Subject: Re: I’m concerned about You!
  • I read your latest messages ‘Maria’, and note first of all that you have not forwarded the confirmation I need to know for sure you are not Mrs Franklin posing in disguise once again.I am doing my best to be reasonable, and temporarily giving you the benefit of the doubt – so as to allow you time to prove that you are not Mrs Franklin. Unfortunately however, you do sound very much like her – and despite her claiming to be a publisher – your English so far is actually better than Mrs Franklin’s usually is.. Also, your request that I write some apology to her online is also highly suspicious I’m afraid.I should perhaps inform you ‘Maria’, that I have trained both as a qualified minister and a counselling psychologist, specialising in religion-related disorders, and must respectfully advise you that based upon your messages thus far – as well as your strident preoccupation with Mtyokawanis and ‘Miriam’, that I feel you are possibly not acting in a completely rational way at this point in time.Again, I am sorry if you are a genuine ‘Maria’ – and not Mrs F in disguise, but unless you can prove this to me in the next message; I hope you will understand that I cannot, and will not enter into further correspondence with you.I wish you peaceS T Manning PhD
  • ______________________

    From: [— Manning]
    To: [Passionate Bride]
    Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 07:44:32 -0500
    Subject: Re: The kingdom of God is not religion,spirituality and sociology
    Please go away ‘Maria’ or whoever you’re calling yourself today.

    As you say, you must realise by now that you’re not a rational person – so please go away, or give me your personal details so I can arrange for some professional help for you.

    Find someone else to stalk please.


  • ____________________

    —– Original Message —–
    From: [Passionate Bride]
    To: [— Manning]
    Subject: You are the one stalking me,not the other way around!-You started attacking me when I didn’t even know You!
    Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 17:23:37 -0400

    You started this,not me!
    All I did was to write my testimony in a blog!
    Then You convinced that woman to publish my email,which is illegal
    You have assassinated my character over and over!
    What a professional You are!
    Again I say:stop every contact with me!

  • ______________________

    From: [— Manning]
    To: [Passionate Bride]
    Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 18:42:17 -0500
    Subject: Re: You are the one stalking me,not the other way around!-You started attacking me when I didn’t even know You!
    See this link – and then try asking ‘Miriam’ who and what she really is..

    [link to rogue’s gallery]

    Still waiting for you to identify yourself ‘Maria’…?

  • __________________

    From: [— Manning]
    To: [Passionate Bride]
    Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 08:11:07 -0500
    Subject: Re: About the red ink….
    Look ‘Maria’ – I really don’t know or care any more if you are Mrs Franklin using yet another devious disguise to try to trap me into writing something which she (you?) will later use as ‘evidence’ against me – and as long as you are not willing to identify yourself – you obviously leave yourself open to the suspicion that you are indeed Mrs Franklin doing her usual dirty tricks.

  • If you are not Mrs Franklin – then simply prove it to me – and this in itself will negate most of the negatives I have sent your way – because I remain pretty convinced you are either Mrs Franklin or her twin (yes, I know she has one actually).. and most of the negatives sent your way are actually directed at her..

    As for your insults and threats towards me ‘Maria’ – all is going into the Court file – so I don’t really mind you continuing to vent as you do, because it all adds support to my charges against the devious Mrs Franklin..

    I have said in previous emails that I am a compassionate and understanding person ‘Maria’ – but I have absolutely no compassion or understanding left in Mrs Franklin’s case – as she has proven herself capable of the most malicious and evil activities. Accordingly, I have no time for her – or for anyone I suspect may be her in disguise – such as yourself.

    You can solve this issue by PROVING who you are – otherwise please stop contacting me.

    Now I don’t think I can be more reasonable that that can I?

    Meanwhile, please read your own messages back to yourself and imagine being on the receiving end of them – and tell me how you would feel if you were the recipient? Do those emails sound like loving, Christian messages coming from a rational person..? What would Jesus say or do ‘Maria’ eh..? Can you imagine him writing stuff like that..? No? Then maybe you should reflect on who it is should be repenting here..

  • _________________________

    This guy is crazy!
    I have never insulted him or accused him falsely! He is the one insulting me!
    He seems so confused!
    I don’t want to have anything to do with him!
    It still amazes me that if would ever think that we are the same person!
    Not only because of my english but I also have been very vocal about the same issue over and over: how I got so much spiritual damage in church!

  • ________________________________________

  • From: [— Manning]
    To: [Passionate Bride]
    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:50:54 -0500
    Subject: Re: I must be crazy to speak to You again!
    ‘Maria’; you were respectfully and professionally invited three times to prove that you are not Mrs Franklin, yet for some inexplicable reason you have failed to do so. Why?You also presume to lecture me without invitation? Interesting.I am not at all impressed with your claims to having ’special spiritual insights’ or the like. I have spent many, many years studying spiritual phenomena and living the religious life, and whoever you are ‘Maria’ you are, in my professional opinion, possessed of a singularly obsessive form of religious self-delusion which, as long as you fail to be open about your identity, can only undermine your credibility in the eyes of any rational-thinking professionals whom you may encounter.Typical of paranoia and self-delusion are the tendencies to accuse others of that which one projects. Typical of religious zealotry is the tendency to demonize others so as to justify their destruction ‘in the name of God’. In this case you have accused me several times of doing ‘this-and-that’ without foundation – and I really don’t want to feed those false accusations or give you further reason to work up a head of steam – for fear you will call down the wrath of God on me too..? No?I am a compassionate person ‘Maria’ – and frankly, I am caught between the urge to respond sympathetically (as a psychologist) – and the urge to ignore your messages completely, upon the grounds that you are probably Mrs Franklin engaged on yet another psychotic rant – such as we have seen her (you?) send in to the British Courts in red ink..?

    The fact is that your messages are rooted in a particularly condescending and arrogant tone – which, unless you have attained similar qualifications and experience – is not only inappropriate, but is personally offensive to those of us who have invested years of time and sincere effort into the study of religion, spirituality and sociology. Anyone and their pet cat can claim to ’speak to God’ – but it is in ones integrity, openness and honesty – as well as in one’s good deeds that one proves the quality of ones ’spirituality’.

    Knowing who Miriam Franklin really is; the fact that you hold her in such high regard is an obvious red flag, and reason enough for me to dismiss you and your opinions without further comment. But just in case you may be some sort of innocent individual who has been drawn into something she really doesn’t understand, let me invite you one last time to identify yourself in a manner I can verify..

    I don’t wish to be unkind ‘Maria’, but I am far too busy to be engaging in this type of exchange with someone who won’t even reveal their true identity – so to be rather blunt ‘Maria’ – either prove who you are – or please leave me in peace.

    If you send me your postal address, I will dispatch a copy of my book: Psychology, Symbolism and the Sacred: Confronting Religious Dysfunction in a Changing World.. and that’s the best I can offer under the circumstances I’m afraid. Alternatively, buy it on Amazon..

    Please find someone else to harangue.. or seek some professional help.

    Sorry to be so direct, but better frankness than more delusion..

    If you haven’t complied with my request for proof of identity, then after your next message your email address will be blocked.

    — Manning

  • _________________________

  • He started joining forces with Mtyokawanis against me without even knoing me and now he is talking like if I am the one “stalking” him as he claims!
    The guy must be crazy!”   (end PB comments and emails)
  • So there was no death threat (whoever Maria is or is not) and Manning was repeatedly told this. But he’s never retracted what he’s said.

    I note once again Manning is giving diagnosises in his “professional” opinion (in order to put people down). This could really damage someone, not just hurt them. He’s evil.

    What doesn’t Dr Psyche not understand about:

    “Again I say: stop every contact with me!”

    I notice other contradictions too. Manning says –

    despite her claiming to be a publisher – your English so far is actually better than Mrs Franklin’s usually is

    If RMF is so illiterate, then Passionate Bride cannot be her as she writes much better than her, apparently. And I or Richard and Frustrated or Inquisitor (all separate individuals) cannot be RMF either as we are more fluent at writing in English than PB.

    And why would STM ask for PB’s address to send her a book if he were that sure she was Rosalind?

    Yet more contradictions exposed in Manning’s weird little world.

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    Bullies Hate The Boot Being On The Other Foot

    Diggory Press Ltd have released the following email to this blog, sent to them by Manning. (They also released other information to this blog which I’ll go into in other posts).

    This email was sent by STM to Diggory Press’s business email address at 1.30 a.m. in the wee hours of yesterday morning, Sunday 7th June. Note the unreasonable request that Diggory Press comply with STM’s demand by midday of that same day –  a Sunday. How many office-based businesses work on a Sunday?! And even if they did work weekends from home, most normal people would be sleeping for the majority of these hours between 1.30am and midday, it being the day for the traditional weekly lie-in.

    More importantly, STM has no proof that this Sleuth For Truth website is from Diggory Press – so he contacted the wrong party with his request to take it down. He’s like an old cracked record.  I remind readers that STM obsessionally accuses everybody and anybody who questions him, stands up to him, sees through him or otherwise calls him out as being “Rosalind Franklin”, the director of Diggory Press that STM conducts his campaign of smear and fear against.

    You can see by reading the email that ]Manning hates people investigating his claims properly and turning the light on him. Rather odd for someone who has been so vocal for the past two years, drawn so much attention to himself, and also given everything he’s been up to in that period including lodging fraudulent court applications against Rosalind and DP.

    ]Manning, I’ll say this openly so there can be no doubt, if you (or anyone else) have a complaint about any of the content on this blog, then contact me, not Diggory Press or the court service. You can contact me by leaving a comment (one only of each version please) or by emailing me instead at

    Re your demand in the meantime that this blog be taken down. The answer is, no. You claim the content is libellous without any specifics given. You give no reasonable grounds for it to be pulled. You say of yourself: “I’m obliged to defend my reputation against the scandalous contents of the ‘SleuthForTruth’ website”. Yet every time I’ve asked you what is inaccurate or libellous or harassing or scandalous or reckless you won’t give me any specific detail, you just bluster generally and talk about ‘Rosalind’ and her alleged devious devices. That’s not good enough. I need specifics. And how come you don’t give others those same rights you demand for yourself? When Miriam Franklin at endtimesprophetic (ETPW) defended herself recently against your accusations, she was censored, mocked and blocked. What’s good for the goose?

    I have asked you direct questions and you continaully evade them. Others have asked you too. You evade them too. You spam everywhere saying to people to contact you for ‘proof’, but no proof is ever supplied. Your Stalker’s exhibit A, your so-called Rogue’s Gallery, full of half-baked ideas and lies and obsessional ranting at Rosalind is ridiculous.

    I point out lies and contradictions and distortions and misrepresentations in your testimony and ask you about them, and these are ignored by you, or replaced with even more lies. You evidently have no interests in the truth. When the light is shone you put up a smokescreen.

    I ask you once again for the proof for your numerous claims about Rosalind and DP.

    And I ask you what specifically is illegal or libellous content here on this blog? What’s inaccurate? What’s reckless? I don’t just thow out any old mud like you do, I research the facts. Unlike you, I’m not doing this for malicious or harassing reasons, I’m doing it to look at the truth. You’re the one that brought these things up in the first place. If you don’t like the spotlight being turned on you to look at your claims properly, as everyone should, then you should shut up and keep your head down.

    For the record, I’m willing to immediately take down or correct anything where applicable, and publicly apologise for anything that is proved to be inaccurate, unfair or misleading. So it’s in your interest to come up with the goods – if you but had them. Your silence when and where it counts is deafening. An honest man with a genuine complaint would delight in having an extra soapbox to speak from.

    I’m playing fair here to every side involved in this thing. And you’re one of the sides. Unlike you and your associates e.g. the jealous and spiteful Patsy Eastwood, aka Rahab at Rahabsplace, I don’t censor the other side. Only those afraid of the truth do that.

    If complaining about anything I say, please note that burden is on the complainant to prove that the words complained about are false, published maliciously and have (or are likely to) cause financial loss.  If you continually refuse to provide this evidence or other of your “proofs” (you can’t as you know they don’t exist) then the evidence in their absense will speak for itself.

    You don’t like this blog. Obviously. Liars don’t like being outed. As I have said before, the paper trail with undeniable evidence doesn’t make nice reading, but you’re not a nice person, doing nice things. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    “June 7th 2009

    Mrs Rosalind Franklin, defendant*
    cc Bodmin County Court

    Mrs Franklin;

    I note for the record that despite the ‘SleuthForTruth’ website at being removed today for breaches of their terms and conditions – specifically defamation and libel; you have now lodged the very same web contents on another free hosting service;

    I hereby formally advise that the contents of the ‘SleuthForTruth’ webpages are reckless, injurious, misleading and highly defamatory, (and have been recognised as such by WordPress administrators) accordingly, you are formally requested to remove all such materials from all public sources immediately.

    If you have not confirmed that you have done this by 12.00 June 7th, then I formally advise you that I will undertake whatever additional legal action I must in order to put a halt to your increasingly sinister activities in this regard.

    This email has been copied to the Court.


    — Manning PhD”

    This was sent AFTER STM was asked by Diggory Press not to contact them any longer by email (see below). He also spammed multiple email accounts at the same time, including email addresses in no way connected to Rosalind or DP. He immediately responded back and effectively said ‘yah booh sucks’. And then followed it up with another email. What kind of person does this? Passionate Bride says she told him to stop emailing her and says he didn’t listen to her either and has kept on harassing her.

    “— Manning

    As has been previously requested by me (and ignored), for the last time I ask you not to email me with your trivia, lies and fabrications. I have no interest in it. Neither have the court. Do not send multiple copies of the same message to Diggory Press Ltd and the old [deleted] email address. And don’t copy in and spam completely unrelated parties such as “Richard Green”. Stop harassing me and all those you believe or suggest are me or in some way connected to me. Send me anything directly related to actual court proceedings (ie the actual case in hand, not this rubbish) in the post. One copy of it by post and not by email.

    Thank you

    Rosalind Franklin”

    *  DP are not just a defendent. They are also a claimant in that they have their own case against — Manning.

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